Summer Camp:Day-22

Sand Art!

Have you done Sand Art before with kids?

Did you enjoy it?

Kids did something amazingly creative with sand and it looked so grand! It didn’t seem like a ‘by the way’ activity but a big “Wow look at what their hands could do” kids had different shapes drawn on a4 sheets of paper. Glue was put on the paper and the kids went further to put the sand matching the shapes on the paper. They had different colors of sand from which they had to choose from.

Sand Mixing!

Kids had some sand mixing activity as well. Different sorts of colors were poured in. The sand was mixed to the texture which was wanted and they made different shapes using different equipment.

It was a great hand- on fun which works on their attention span, concentration and helps builds perseverance in kids. Activities like this allows them to be creative and use their imagination as they were to use which ever color they like and can think out of the box.

Circus tie craft!

Kids ended up strengthening their fine motor skills by making a circus tie. The tie was cut out of construction paper and kids had to decorate it with colored sheets of papers. It was a beautiful art they made.

Thumps up for our creativity!

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