Summer Camp:Day-21

How fast can you go Skittles, Pollys and Seattles?

Pin the Nose on the Clown!

The day’s activities brought laughter and smiles to our little kids as they played and bagged for the win in the “Pin the Nose on the Clown “race. In this game, obstacles were placed on the way for kids to get the activity done. Those who successfully passed the hula hoop obstacle and pinned the nose first have won the game. It is when children work and play together that they become more competent. As kids get to interact with each other, they get to learn from examples which are being set by the elder ones for them.  Behavior modification is an important role for kids to get as they grow up.

Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, physical, cognitive, and emotional strength.

Roar like a lion!

During arts and crafts hour, children were allowed to create a lion’s face using different mediums. The objective is to enhance their imaginative and creative skills as well. This also enhances motor skills.

It was lovey time celebrating with Francesca Mariam! White fields bids you farewell!


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