Summer Camp:Day-20


Where are you up to with your tickets?

To the Carnival!

It was fun beginning the week with some carnival games not forgetting circus the clown. It was a special way kids and teachers began the week at White Fields’ Nursery. An amazing treat to the carnival and variety of fun games made the morning remarkable for the children.

Through these activities children gained language skills and used their imaginations while playing. It was happiness overloaded for kids when they played the “Throw a Ball” game where everyone wanted to win.  Prior to this game, each child fell in line to secure a ticket which served as a pass to enter the entire booth and play some exciting games. Sportsmanship was also instilled in the children’s mind at this early age.

Kids had categories of clown costumes which they tried on and took some photos in the circus tenth. This show was fun for the kids as they demonstrated so many different actions.

A circus clown head was artistically created by their little hands using simple materials like art papers as their craft for the day.

The more we get together the happier we are!

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