Summer Camp:Day-19




Splash Splash!

It was a fun filled day for all the kids at White Fields’ Nursery as they love swimming. It all began with kids singing and dancing to some rhymes in preparation for the pool!

Water Relay!

Skittles, Polly’s and Seattle’s were involved in this race. Kids were put in teams. Each team had a bucket of water. Race and put the water in the bucket of the other some did it side wards and others did it overhead. At the end of the race, we noticed those who still had water in his or her bucket. The team who wins gets into the pool first.

Keep swimming….

Some children were eager to jump into the deep end of the pool, while others were terrified to even put their toes in water. But getting the children into the pool was worth it. They had lots of fun splashing water from one end of the pool to another. As children swim, it helps them to holistically learn in order to get their brains developed “We also focus on their gross motor skills.”

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