Summer Camp:Day-18



Group Name: Skittles

Summer Fruit Cocktail”

As much as kids love to play and eat, they also enjoy being refreshed. Kids found pleasure in cutting and squeezing fruits.  The burst of flavors made this activity more meaningful for little Skittles. All together they prepared a summer juice out of tropical fruits like oranges, watermelon and pineapple. Through this activity, the children built self-confidence, learned to become independent and acquired knowledge on the benefits of eating fruits.

“What My Little Hands Can Do”

Kids made a craft that they were proud to call their masterpieces using materials like art paper, drinking straws, glue and permanent marker. Allowing kids to enjoy the process of creation can reap big rewards. Children will be better off in the long run if they’re allowed just to be in the moment and express themselves.

Ice Boat Race!

To break the monotony, they played a game with pre- made ice boats; they raced with it until it melted. Excitement overflowed in this activity, the ice boat itself introduced a lesson about liquids.

Group Name: Pollys

Story time! Listen!

It was very interesting listening to a story about oceans…..

Little ones know that they can refresh themselves in the oceans and seas during hot summer days. Early thinking was at work as kids will always remember visiting the beach during summer. These are great social moments spent together.

Aquarium craft!

The hands-on experience was great during art and craft hour. Their cognitive skills were put to work while they designed an aquarium using their favorite sea shells and fishes. Kids paid lots of attention categorizing the fishes to use. Fine motor skills were boosted to the maximum. It was a great job they did.

It was such a great time to interact with each other and a good opportunity for kids to express their thoughts. They look forward to enjoying every single day.


Group Name: Seattles

Creativity Enhanced!

It was a beautiful aquarium designed by the kids. They had fishes to put in as well as make sure the fishes had food. Setting up this aquarium was a fun and educative way for children to learn about life lessons as well as learning through experience. Kids demonstrated patience which was the key to a successful aquarium.

Crazy designers!

Seattle’s were seriously involved in designing today. They were given a task to design structures of their choices using cups and paper plates. This encouraged team work and reinforces problem solving concepts. This activity also helps them understand and analyze systems as they worked in groups.

Turtle craft was made by the kids. While doing this they learned that this craft they are on is mostly found in water. Learning by doing helps for retention.

What an exciting week about the water world!


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