Summer Camp:Day-17

Group Name: Skittles

Get up and Move!

We had exercises which aimed at integrating and relaxing the children’s mind and body with a series of slow, rhythmic and purposeful movements. To beat the heat, the children did Tai Chi, a basic Chinese martial art which calmed down the children and got them ready for the day’s activities.

Fishing Colors and Numbers!

In line with the ocean theme, this activity tackled literacy and numeracy as well. The children enjoyed the pretend play of catching fish with numbers and colors.

Rainbow Bubble Snake!

A new and colorful way to blow bubbles was this simple rainbow snake bubbles science activity. Materials used were; a water bottle, a cloth, dish soap, water and some food colors. There were lots of fun giggles, a bit messy but the children loved it!

When children are given artworks to do, using different colors to beautify their creations, it gives them a sense of satisfaction. In this activity, they painted the spaghetti with colors of their choices. Coloring helps children develop good finger grip.

Group Name: Pollys

Ball tossing game!

This game was good for kids because it enables them identify colors. Also their physical, social and emotional skills were boosted.

Octopus craft!

Here their little hands were put to exercise and extra concentration was required for every child as they wanted to perfect this ocean animal. This help to improve on their fine motor skills as well as cognitive skills because they put their little brains to work.

Reading is a great way to improve their language, communication and imagination skills. Little ones had a good time today when the teacher read the story about ocean animals. They had a chance to interact and express their thoughts.

What can we do in the ocean?

This question was answered as they discovered that ocean can be used for fishing. This was done by them catching fishes from the deep ocean made by the teacher. It was a wonderful sensory play.

Group Name: Seattles

Balloon play!

Children love playing with balloons. Inculcating balloon in their curriculum makes learning easier and fast. Kids used balloons today to learn about jelly fish. As they pasted the strings of the fishes, they passed the balloons around as well. This helps them gain gross motor skills and hand to eye coordination.


Ocean in a bottle!

This was a science project carried out by the kids that doubles as a fun craft. The kids had some bottles of water. It was turned blue. The kids then had glitters poured in the water. Fishes were placed in the ocean. Kids had to turn around with their little made ocean shaking it so hard to have a great mixture.

It’s all about exploring their natural world with science!!

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