Summer Camp:Day-16



Group Name: Skittles


Roll me over the Ocean!

The morning of little Skittles was filled with love as they sang and danced “Roll Me over the Ocean”. Aside from this which contribute a lot in their social and physical growth, the children gain an understanding of the importance of loving people as well as their environment.

“Keep the Ocean True Blue”(Undo Water Pollution)

Children were encouraged to learn about pollution as an environmental hazard. This science experiment encouraged the kids to explore the effects of water pollution on the environment and allowed them to make connections with the real world. A pretend ocean was polluted with garbage.  kids were encouraged to clean the ocean as it was a source of water for some habitats. Through this, children learned the importance of making a positive impact on environment by helping to keep it clean!

Ocean Play Dough!

Why should children play with play dough? It is the perfect medium for numerous types of imaginative play. It helps develop cognitive, social, emotional, language and communication skills. During this activity, the children made ocean play dough where they put miniature marine animals’ to express their ideas about the ocean and what’s underneath.

Group Name: Pollys

Ready for another amazing day?!

Warm up and let`s start!

Kids started the day with Yoga.  It was a great way to exercise and allow the child`s mind to be fresh for the rest of the day.

Learning about ocean life was super exciting today. Kids had a pretend trip to the ocean where they found lots of colorless fishes. Their favorite colors were chosen. This was done to boost their knowledge about fishes found in the ocean as well as to learn about the colorful world they live in.

Fine motor skills development!

This is one of the skills that the little ones require for a lifetime journey. Polly’s embarked on a task of learning how to make colorful boats. They used colors and scissors in order to make it perfect.

Fish craft!

Kids ended up by decorating a wonderful colorful fish. This easy sensory play activity was an awesome activity. Cognitive development was enhanced using their hands.

Group Name: Seattles

Paste the legs of octopus!

Kids had hula hoops on them in preparation for the race. They turned around and ran as fast as they could to get a leg for octopus and place it where it’s supposed to be. This was a fun way to work on improving speed and agility. When children first start playing this, they move slowly but as they get more comfortable they begin to move faster.

Going Fishing!

A few hours in nature can help you appreciate the beauty of our great world, and it will require a bit of exercise as well. Kids experienced this by doing an outdoor fishing in a pretend play pool. Fishing requires physical and technical skills as well, including balance and coordination. While having fun, they acquired these skills.

Kids ended their day with a submarine craft.

Our creativity has no end!

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