Summer Camp:Day-7


Watermelon Sculpture

When I think of summer I think of watermelon! The little Pollys make their own creations by using the watermelon and wooden craft sticks. Some enjoyed building towers while the others enjoyed eating the fruit. Watermelon activities involve hands-on learning, sensory exploration, art and fun. The sweet smell along with the beautiful pink and green color makes a watermelon an especially inviting fruit to taste, create, and hold. Along with providing a healthy dose of vitamins A and C, watermelon is the perfect fruit to help your young learner develop his fine motor skills, number sense, and color and shape recognition. Combining nutrition and art is a great way to get your child eating healthy and having fun at the same time.

Watermelon Paper Plates Crafts

Paper plate crafts are great as they can be done by kids of all ages and most of us usually have a spare paper plates in the house all the time. This crafty activity is fun to make and can be used in pretend play, learning about fruits. The kids start coloring the bottom side of paper plates green and the middle part red. +, they put the seed on the red parts. The little Pollys enjoyed making the watermelon craft today with full excitement.

Summer stars!

Nature crafting!

Kids enjoyed crafting with elements of nature. They used sticks to make summer twig ornaments. Sticks and twigs are a couple of our favorite natural materials to craft with.  We made quite a few indoor ornaments using sticks, and they turned out to be very beautiful.

Sunshine craft!

Seattles are the sunshine for life. They made a sunshine craft which they had some awesome decorations pasted on the craft. They had their hands around the sun. We enjoy being creative with the kids.

Cups knock down!

It was a fun idea letting kids throw down the cups with a ball. The balls were stacked up. Kids had lots of fun targeting the cups with a ball. The act of achieving their aim made them very happy and helps boost their self-esteem.

An interesting day today….


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