Summer Camp:Day-5




“Let’s Move Together and Feel Alright”

Thursday is all about “Solidarity” White Fields Nursery children and staffs demonstrated once again the value of unity and togetherness as they all did exercises, dances and games for their morning fresh up. Combining the children of different groups and ages developed friendship and teamwork among them. The joy on their faces indicated the happiness and excitement of being with their friends outside the classroom. Child development experts said that of the best way for children to learn was through interaction with older, more competent children who could set good examples for cognition and behavior. The end of the week left a meaningful experience in every child’s memory.

“Come Play with Me”

As exciting as the swimming, was the warm up games prepared by Ms. Vanessa. The children actively participated  the “Toss a Ball” game where everyone wanted to be the winner by tossing a ball to a bin of water. Once again, teamwork and sportsmanship was built and instilled among the children.

“Dive into the Water”

All geared up with their swimming attires, they all dived up to the pool and felt the pleasure of the water while throwing balls and water at each other.

It was amazingly a good week for everyone!

Little Pollys and Seattles  had a great fun in the water today. They enjoyed splashing, swashing and sprinkling in the water.

Splashing around in the pool is a very enjoyable activity for youngsters. Swimming provides an effective opportunity for exercise that involves cardiovascular activity, which enhances both heart and lung condition. It also helps to build muscles. Working and strengthening all their muscles effectively helps to make them stronger. Spending time in the water can also be positive for children’s mental health. The natural buoyancy of the water is more relaxing than other types of exercise.

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