Summer Camp-day 3





“Move and Groove!”

Equipped with different musical instruments,the morning was filled with great enthusiasm and eagerness as the little Skittles move and shake their bodies for their early start.Dancing,singing and exercising are some of the regular routines the children are doing to commence their day.Using musical instruments made their morning extra significant and also made a difference in the way that they learn.They will have the opportunity to master a variety of skills while moving and grooving to the music at the same time.The consistent exposures of children to musical experiences help them do better in areas such as reading and math,aids in focusing,promotes higher self-esteem and emphasizes teamwork.

“I Love My Smoothie”

Making their own smoothie and being in-charge of the preparation sparked excitements to the children.In this activity,the children were challenged to cut the banana,deseeded the dates and put it in the blender.It was like shooting so many birds in just one shot,many areas of learning and skills were integrated in this lesson.It nourished the body as well as the brain of every child learner. It was a great activity to develop their knowledge in their world skills.

Beat the heat little Skittles!

“Summer Fan”

“I wanna make something for my Mom”-this is a heart melting word from every child in the Skittles class. This was their inspiration in making a “Summer Fan” in their craft activity.The idea of helping their moms to resist the heat of the summer prompted them to make a beautiful handmade paper fan,using inexpensive materials like gift wrappers,and popsicles sticks.It was really amazing that at an early age,the children’s creativeness were manifested through their affections.


Once I Caught a Fish Alive  (song)

The amazing little Pollys kids enjoyed singing the song, Once I caught a fish  alive with actions. Using songs and rhymes is a great way to help young children develop their language and communication skills. Not only is it fun, but it is also a great way to get to know each other. Songs had a positive impact on a child’s language and literacy development. Songs and rhymes give children a love of language and will form a solid foundation that will help children value learning.

Spin The Tail

The children feel so excited to spin the tail of the mermaid while they were blindfolded. Each one of them were given the opportunity to spin while their eyes are covered. Play is one of the main ways in which children learn. Kids learn best when they are having fun and are actively engaged as they observe more and learning becomes natural and easy. They enjoyed having the feelings of accomplishment by doing this and succeeding.

Necklace Making

This activity is an excellent way of promoting children’s development in their fine motor skills like in-hand manipulation skills. It also sharpens their visual motor skills like eye and hand coordination. Making necklace and putting colorful materials onto the string involves bilateral coordination of the child’s hand, and requires their eyes-hand to work together.


Fire Camping Adventure!

Camping has amazing mental, health, social, and physical benefits.The  kids had their fishes to roast after making the fire. Engaging kids in outdoor pretend play activities like this enables them to enjoy inspiring and breathtaking views which brings them closer to the natural world. They learn how to take in all the sounds and sights of nature.

Catch the Light!

Kids were involved in making a sun catcher craft today. During this process they were told that summer is very hot so they can use items like this one to prevent sun. Children were so satisfied with their piece of creation.

Hoop a Toy!

With their hula-hoops they had so much fun trying to hoop a toy of their choice. Kids had to choose a toy of their choice and rush towards that toy with their hula-hoops. What a way of exercising and flexing their muscles.

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