Summer Camp-Day 2

Group Name: Skittles.

Shimmy Shake”

Engaging children in  rhythmic activities at an early age enhances language development and Math ability.

To start a good productive day,little Skittles did variety of dance movements,shaking and wiggling as they enjoyed every beat and rhythm of the music.The shimmy shaking promotes early brain development ,preparing children for academics in the forthcoming years.

“Create my Summer Story”

As the day unfolded,the children were asked about their plans on summer.With eagerness and excitement ,each child shared a story on how they want to spend their summer and their stories were expressed through drawings.The arts created by their little hands maybe vague to an adult’s eye but the message these little children wanted to convey can be felt by the heart.Adding more beauty to their crafts,they made a hand made designed picture frame which showed their creativity. That was an excellent activity to boost on their expressive arts and design skills.

Everyone’s very proud of their art work.

Aim high little Skittles!

“My Simple Kind of Happiness”

It’s no secret that children love to play with water. Even a simple pretend play of washing fruits and vegetables from water play are worth the mess.They learned about cause and effect, about  warm and cool, and they were learning new words, and thinking about the wetness of the water and the bubbliness of the bubbles.Along with the wonderful bright (expensive) toys that some parents buy and the paints and play dough and other neat craft stuff,don’t forget that children are drawn to water.They’re curious about it. It’s a universally appealing play material with unlimited possibilities.”

A great experience to learn about the world they live in.

Group Name: Pollys.

A great day for the polly to experience the summer in a cool way.

Lemonade Making

The light, fresh scent of lemons is perfect on a summer day. Their bright, yellow color is uplifting too. Lemons provide the ingredient we need to make refreshing lemonade — and they are wonderful tools for other hands-on learning activities that kids love. It teaches the little ones the scientific method. This fun science activity for kids allows children to make their own lemonade while following directions, making a hypothesis, and collecting data through observation. The kids enjoyed the activity during the role playing.



The children were able to make a paper boat by themselves following the instructions of the teacher. By this listening skills and creativity was enhance. Kids were able to put the paper boats into the water, by this  they were able to understand that paper boats don’t sink in the water but floats. While enjoying this activity, the children were able to sing the song row, row, row your boat with actions.

Group Name: Seattles

Popsicle summer art!

Popsicles help inspires so much creativity and learning in kids.Creating art helps boost young children’s ability to analyze and problem-solve in myriad ways. Kids were given some popsicles and materials to decorate the construction papers with. Kids enjoyed this simple summer art craft as their fine motor skills are improved.

Cool down a hot day!

Ice & Oil Experiment!

This was an experiment that helped to  explore liquids, colors, reactions and more. Kids were led to manipulate the ice, the oil and the colors. They reviewed the various colors as well as saw the reaction of oil and water. This helped them to cool down because it was a hot day.

Sensory play is Calming!

Kids after enjoying walking on different textures and feeling it, had the chance to calm themselves down for the categories of feelings they got. Some were good and challenging…and ‘challenging’ is just easy for our kids…

A Challenging but cool day…


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