Year End Splash

Group Name: Skittles.

“Singing and Dancing with Mom and Dad”

It’s no ordinary end of the week for little Skittles. Not only the children, but Mom and Dad too were all geared up for the day’s activity. It’s a happiness overloaded for the kids to see their parents singing and dancing with them. Their presence alone made them feel secure and proud. Everyone benefits when parents become involved in school and work together with teachers to encourage learning.

As it’s quoted:”Children need your presence more than your presents”

“Beat the Heat”

Nothing beats the heat, but to wade in the water. They enjoyed the splash of the water, the giggling and throwing of balls with their other friends. What the children thought as an enjoyment fosters positive contribution to their growth and development.

It was a fun filled week for everyone and as the academic year ended successfully. We wish everyone Good luck!


Group Name: Pollys.

Learning about butterflies was super exciting today…

A Pretend trip to the butterfly land with their classmates made their day. Little ones found a lot of colorless butterflies and they chose their favorite color to make it colorful as they really are. This was a great activity to boost their knowledge about tiny insects that they can find in every garden as well as to learn about the colorful world they live in.

Fine motor skills development!

This is one of the skills that the little ones require for a lifetime on their life journey. Pollys today embarked on a task of learning how to cut different shapes. They used colorful scissors in order to make it perfect, and their practice went on so well.

Thursday is a day for SWIMMING!

Little Pollys splashed water and had a great water play today. They showed that their love for water never ends.

Such a great activity for this hot summer day.


Group Name: Seattles

Experimenting makes us perfect!

For little Seattles, science is just an extension of their everyday world. It’s so much fun when kids get involved experimenting and learning. Kids had a lovely experiment about rain clouds and some blue food color. Kids enjoyed the blue color passing through the clouds to make the water blue.

Accelerating development!

Jump to the end of the pool!

Keep swimming!

Children turn to reach developmental milestones earlier when they get involved in activities like swimming.  Having access to the swimming pool helps the child to holistically learn in order to get their brain development. They enjoyed the water so much.   Some children were eager to jump in the pool.

A cool experience on a hot day…


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