Swimming Spaghetti

Group Name: Skittles.

Hey…It’s a happy Wednesday!

How can someone not be happy when you see the smiling little faces full of sweetness and affection.That’s how their day started, greeting and hugging each other, as they felt more attached and bonded to their friends and teachers which built another level of trust and familiarity.By giving them the physical affection they crave, it can calm and control tantrums and give them the assurance they are loved.Hugging is one of the most important stimulations required to grow a healthy brain and a strong body.

“Swimming Spaghetti”

Who taught these noodles to swim?

The children gathered together and performed this science activity with curiosity and excitement. They all worked together, stirring the baking soda, breaking the spaghetti into small sizes and adding it to the water, and pouring the vinegar. As the spaghetti floated, the children were amazed.The wiggling and jiggling of the spaghetti taught them the valuable lesson about density and the mixture of baking soda with vinegar gave them ideas about carbon dioxide.

” Safe or Not Safe”

Open sesame!

Using a magic wand, they opened the box and drew pictures which they identified safe or not safe. The important skills developed by this activity is that “Safety is always first and foremost “

As a review about the sense of taste, they played a guessing game. Blindfolded and unaware of what’s inside the covered container, they used their tongue to distinguish the primary taste sensations.

Little Skittles never failed to amaze us with their wisdom!

Group Name: Pollys.

Starting the day by exploring the world sounds great for our little Pollys.

Today little ones reviewed about farm animals. Visiting a farm is always a great idea for little explorers. The White Fields farm was full of animals like cows, horses, donkeys, chicken, ducks and a lot more… Little ones were very happy to connect to the nature today and boost their communication and language skills.

Science surfers!

Farm volcano…

Children are natural scientists. They are always full of curiosity and eager to explore the world around them. It is important to note that not much is needed to nurture child`s curiosity.Little Pollys learned about hot Volcano today. They were super anxious to put color, baking soda and vinegar together in order to make an amazing colorful volcano.During this activity, little ones were cognitively focused on discovering what will happen.Discovering wonderful things about the world can be so much fun.

It was such a great sensory play.

Enormous flower story!

Presented by Pollys today….

Stimulating the young brains in the early years is very important for their success in their future education. Learning happens through various ways.And here is another learning experience for the kids at White fields. Today kids were so happy to learn about flowers.They learned colors, numbers, and letters at the same time. Learning by doing is the best learning experience for the kids.

“Trace the letters and the numbers on the flowers” was their game for today. During this game, kids learned independent counting and recognition of numbers. Also at the same time, they learned phonics and their communication skills were highly boosted.

The more we get together the happier we will be!

A busy learning day for Pollys today….

Group Name: Seattles

How Planets orbit the sun!

This was a super simple activity in which kids had a journey to space during the space traveler’s class. This activity gives kids a hands-on and concrete way to understand how planets orbit the sun in a large circle. They got the concept of space, earth, planets. During this activity, kids had the rhyme “solar system in motion “The earth turns around and around and they kept turning the earth on their paper plates.

Cooking time is bonding time!

Kids enjoyed this activity as they played while pretending to bake some cookies. They had flour being mixed after which they had to place in the oven. Activities like this make the kids feel responsible as they know they are doing something bigger than themselves. When kids can say, “I made it myself.” They feel a sense of accomplishment.

The kids ended the day with super simple Color Matching. They were given some cabins and a box full of colored balls. The kids were to fill their boxes with the respective colors.

It was an enjoyable day today…


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