Power of Shapes

Group Name: Skittles. 

“It’s all about what the children love best”

Their morning began with drumming and singing which they always love to do.Drumming is one approach to working with kids who have difficulties focusing and connecting with others.It was more fun and enjoyable when they danced altogether with the repetitive rhythm of the drums.

” Rocket Space or Cars’

Can we ride cars going to outer space? 

This question aroused the curiosity of each child.The reviews about planets and solar system ignited the inquisitiveness of every child learner.Questions were raised and each child shared their ideas about the topic..In this scenario,allowing the children to express their ideas made the learning process meaningful and active.

“Watch my little hands”

In this activity,children were allowed to draw and design any artwork of their choice.The objective is to enhance their imagination,creativity and develop their motor skills.


Group Name: Pollys.

Ready… Steady… GO!!!!

Little Pollys were happy to connect to nature today, when they made a miniature zoo inside their classroom.

How impressing it was for the kids to make an amazing zoo with their friends!
Taking kids to the zoo offers a lot of benefits for the little ones. Children are always looking out for more ideas to develop their knowledge. Today they were happy to see a lot of different zoo animals like bear, zebra, tiger, elephant, giraffe, snake and many many others. It was an awesome way to learn about the world they live in!
Literacy class.

Kids raced through tracing today. Here they aimed at proper formation of letter “a”. Their fine motor skills were progressively developed.They math numbers in almost every daily activity. These concepts are necessary for kids to grasp. By reinforcing this, we used some marshmallows and cups. 

Kids were led to count the marshmallows according to the corresponding numbers placed in front of them. They found this very interesting as they had stickers for a perfect job done.


Group Name: Seattles

Power of shapes!

As children learn about shapes, they are able to use it in observing, comparing and discussing all they see and encounter. It helps build their imagination as well. Kids had a collection of shapes displayed on the floor. Corresponding shapes were placed in front of them. They identified their shapes, picked it up and paired it accordingly.

Blind fold game!

They use multiple ways to interact with letters to make phonics meaningful. Kids had blind folds on, they were led to pick up letter /h/ and paste on the board. That’s a simple way to revise phonics with kids as well as working on literacy skills.

Crazy designers!

Designing is all about trying to understand what you are doing to make out something. Kids enjoyed designing with shaving foam and popsicles. They designed shapes and numbers of their choices.


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