My ‘Ouch’ Kit

Group Name: Skittles. 

Singing, dancing, playing and exercising!

This is how we usually start our day. Children love to explore and learn new skills every day and these activities facilitate the children’s progressive development in every aspect of their growing early years.

Keep the candle burning Little Skittles!

“My Ouch Kit”

Young children climbing and running around so often and plenty of experience with bumps and bruises is typical. Through the activity presented to the children, they were able to identify the importance of a first aid kit. And everyone was excited to put the right item in the kit.  Extending that preparedness to the children creates a safer environment.

Literacy, Craft, and Numeracy: Finding letter “u”

Letters were hidden in a box of flour and children were asked to find as many letters “u” as they can. This activity brought excitement and curiosity to the children.Their creativity, literacy and knowledge about numbers were also integrated into this activity.


Group Name: Pollys.

Little Pollys kicked off their day with an energetic exercise.

Kids were happy to express their physical energy by doing their favorite exercises.Also boosting of their Physical, Social and Emotional development was on the maximum.

Bowling time!

It is very important to teach the kids about the road safety because they will need it every day in their lives.Their bowling time was all about a dramatic play in which kids were given the chance to roll and put down all the pins marked with traffic signs.When all pins were knocked down they got today’s winner.Through this activity, little ones learned an important fact that they have to follow road safety every day.This awesome and interactive game set the kids’ minds ready for all other activities.That was an excellent activity for their Physical, Social and Emotional development.

High five for safety!

Kids followed a particular order to make an amazing high five collage. They were excited to show their colorful hand to their friends and then to paste it on the big hand in front of them.This was a great activity to help build thinking skills and to help them explore the world they live in.Also, it was such a great way to develop their imagination skills and creativity.


Group Name: Seattles

Water safety! Reach, throw, don’t go!

Empowering kids through water safety, was fun today. Kids learned to tell their mom before getting into the water. Kids were told how fish is got from the water. They were given boats to put in the water. That’s how the fisherman sits before reaching out to the fish.

Seashore collage!

Kids were shown the different creatures that can be found around the sea. A craft of that was made in order to boost bilateral coordination in kids. They were told to pick up the items to use to throw into the sea after which their boats were used to get the fishes.

Water balloon game!

Kids refreshed their minds while doing a review of numbers using hula hoops and a balloon filled with water. They tossed their balloons using paper plates and whichever circle it falls in, they were to identify that number.

A super learning day today…


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