Stop Light Toss

Group Name: Skittles. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy and smiling child.

Little Skittles began their day with a dance exercise. Dancing to the tune of Kung-Fu Fighting, their energy was pushed to a higher level, allowing them to be ready for the day’s activities.A brief review of Fire Safety and Food Safety was presented and the children actively shared their views about the topic.

Pretend Play: Crossing the Road Safely and Car Seat Belt Safety

Learning by doing!

Learning is not an affair of “telling” and being told, but an active, constructive process. In this activity, children were placed into a situation of crossing the road and wearing a seatbelt in the car. The role play grabbed their attention and engaged their curiosity and acting out what they have just learned is a positive expected outcome.

Traffic Lights Arts

Expressing their ideas how traffic lights look like, their little hands created a traffic light arts using color papers.


Group Name: Pollys.

As usual, always full of curiosity and eagerness to explore the world around them, little Pollys started their day.

They were very excited to connect to firefighters today and to learn more about safety while they visited Whitefields fire station.Their little eyes were expressing ‘WOW’ when they saw a lot of fire trucks and its facilities.They learned an important fact that they have to take care about their safety every day.Their language and communication skills were boosted to the maximum as they tried to explain everything that they did. Great job lovely kids!

Cold or hot? Safe or not safe?

Learning about safety was very interesting today.Understanding of basic concepts is important in the early years.They also help the children to become more effective communicators.Today little ones boosted their knowledge about safety.The sharp brains of the young kids did an amazing job by sorting hot and cold photos and trying to explain everything.

This was a great way to encourage kids to express their thoughts and develop their language skills.

A good learning experience today…


Group Name: Seattles

Road safety: Stop! Look! Listen!

It is important to shape kids’ minds of the attitudes about road safety. It was all about a dramatic play in which kids were given toy cars on an artificial road. The traffic signals were placed on the road and they had to follow the instructions of the teacher, based on the color called out.

Stop light toss!

The traffic light colors were placed on the floor. In order to revise what was taught, kids exercised their muscles by tossing a ball. On whatever color it falls, kids were to be reminded of what that color indicates on the road.

Drawing with cars!

Kids ended up with expressive arts and design. They played with toy cars. Markers were glued to the cars and kids were to use those cars to make out any design of their choice.

An innovative learning experience today…


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