Say ‘No’ to Child Labor

Group Name: Skittles. 

A morning filled with fun and enjoyment is how we start our day. Singing, dancing, and meditation are among the routines that the children are excited to do. These inspire them to look forward to the day’s activities.

“Let the Children smile and play not Work”

We are one with the world in their fight against “Child Labor”. It was a combined effort of the management, staffs, parents, and children to show our sincere concerns to the plights of the less fortunate children. A parade, donation of toys and clothes and a pledge to help is our way of showing “we care”. Children at an early age learn the value of helping, hence the activities contributed to their physical, mental, emotional as well as social development.

Food Safety and Hygiene: Fruit Salad Making

Eating was more fun with the children’s involvement in preparing the fruit salad. Young kids learned and practiced some basic skills in food safety, hygiene, math and built language skills.


Group Name: Pollys.

Another awesome day is in front of us…

So let`s start!

As usual, our day started by having a friendly dance.How amazing that was to hold hands with friends and dance happily!

Blue, red, green or yellow…

Triangle, rectangle, square or circle…

What to choose?

Little hands built a very tall structure in different colors.Kids enjoyed during this activity.Their fine motor activity was an awesome way to help kids use their hands while playing with their favorite colors and shapes.

12/6 is ‘ World Day Against Child Labor’.

Every year on June 12 World Day Against Child Labor is observed to raise awareness of the plight of child laborers worldwide.Many girls and boys around the world are affected.

Little Pollys raised their voice against it!


Group Name: Seattles

Global march against child labor!

To nurture is to nourish!

White Fields Nursery nurtures appropriate growth and development of kids in all aspects. It was an awesome celebration of the world day against child labor. We had kids marching around with a banner which says ‘No’ to child labor. Kids had their hand prints on a chart paper pledging against child labor. Understanding the needs and rights of children can bring about a significant reduction in child labor.

Consolidate good practice!

Kids brought categories of toys and other non-durable materials to share with the less privileged. Those kids could use and educate themselves both in formal and non-formal settings.

A lovely experience with an activity for good cause…


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