Stop! Drop! Roll!

White Fields Nursery wishes Master.Yassin Ismail a very Happy and Blessed 3rd Birthday.

Group Name: Skittles. 

The best way to start a happy and productive week is to involve every child in a Yoga exercise. Children deal with many distractions, over stimulations and pressure and Yoga exercises played a vital role to build concentration and overcome stress. Kids had lots of fun. They did yoga exercises and dancing in the morning and enjoyed every moment with their friends.

Pretend Play:”Fire Safety in Action”

“The house is on fire”.

Where can you find police officers, fireman, doctors, nurse, and children all happily working side-by-side? In a dramatic play area of a classroom, of course. Each child played an important role to keep them safe from fire. Knowing what to do in case of fire is a good sign of learning. They did pretty well in executing their roles and at the end of the day, their awareness about fire safety and helping others was perfectly executed.


Group Name: Pollys.

Our morning started joyfully.

Dance is a great way to teach focus and coordination. Learning phonics through dance was a great activity, full of energy, and the kids enjoyed the dance moves enormously. Shaking their little hips and hands, moving their legs were an absolute treat to the eyes. That was an excellent activity for their Physical, Social and Emotional Development.


Bean Masters class was great fun as kids gathered small sparks with numbers on it. They were so excited to have them call out. It was educative and fun for kids as they mixed numeracy with sensory play.

It has been such an incredible time for the kids as they pretended to be firefighters to help the community they live in.The kids learned how to do this awesome and brave job and help the people in trouble.Their eyes were filled with joy when they saw the result.    

Recognition of phonics was awesome, jumping on covered color blocks was so refreshing.

At White Fields Nursery the sky is the limit for the young minds.


Group Name: Seattles

Safety; Stop! Drop! And Roll!

Call the firefighter, there is fire!

Kids learned about fire safety so that they can implement it in the case of a fire outbreak. They learned about fire and how it looks like. Kids were led to roll a fire bottle down with their rings. During this game they were told to stop, to drop and to roll when they see a picture like that anywhere.

What does fire look like?

Shaving foam fire art!

It was fun during their science hour to learn how the fire looks like. Kids were provided with shaving foam and some colored sand. They enjoyed sensory play while making a picture of the fire.

Why fire truck?

They learned that when they see a fire truck, it means there is a fire somewhere. They were all excited to say about the sound of the fire truck. During this activity, kids revised number 6, 7, 8 and 9 as it was pasted on the fire truck for them to make out fire droplets according to the numbers they have on the trucks.

A Great day learning about ‘Safety’.


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