Hot Weather! Keep Cool!

Group Name: Skittles. 

What a wonderful way to start a day!

Their day started with a meditation and exercise to allow the child’s mind to be fresh and inspired, which helps to bring creativity and clarity.What is more exciting than singing a song and playing games about their names? The happiness on the cute little face of each child is priceless.

“Color a Friend’s Shirt”

The idea of designing and coloring a friend’s shirt was very exciting for the children. The child’s creativity was manifested and their thoughts about their friends were expressed through this enjoyable activity.


Group Name: Pollys.

The day started for Pollys with warm up exercises.

The circle time was fantastic as they reviewed what they learned during the week on the theme ‘Friendship’.

And the highlight of this week was today.The had the enjoyment to the maximum when they had Waterplay and swimming.


Group Name: Seattles

Hot Weather! Keep Cool!

Encouraging kids to swim regularly is beneficial for their health. Swimming also helps to keep cool in hot weather. Yeah! White Fields Nursery kids had lots of fun today enjoying in the pool. It was a significant social and physical activity to improve strength and flexibility. It also helps promote and active lifestyle for the kids.

Friendship collage!

Beautiful friendship collage made on a rainbow by kids using their hand prints. This was in preparation for swimming as they had splashes of water on their bodies after doing that. 

A Great week…

Happy Weekend all…


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