Lego Construction

Whitefields Nursery wishes Mast. Syed Zayyan Ahmed a very Happy and a Blessed 3rd Birthday.

Group Name: Skittles. 

It was a lovely and enjoyable start for the Little Skittles.

They did  class meditation as it helps to learn how to focus their attention and concentration During the circle time, the children enjoyed singing and dancing the song “The more we get together”

I’ll “OWL” ways be your Friend.

Aligning with the theme of this week ’Friendship’ they did a wonderful craft.

The creativity of each child was demonstrated in this activity. Little kids are masters of the moment — they love the way it feels when they create their own owl, how it looks when they finished their artwork. These art experiences help children develop many life skills.

They did a revision of the previous portions as well, to brush up their acquired knowledge.


Group Name: Pollys.

Circle time!

Little Pollys started with an amazing exercise to brighten their day!

They came up with an animal dice that the kids tossed on the floor and they were asked to recognize the animal displayed. This was such a great a hit and kids couldn’t get enough of the fun going. These dice were great for the little ones.

Fun day with friends and Lego!

Colors are an easy way to check learning. As they learn colors, they build good learning connections in their brain.  With Lego blocks today, kids were provided with different colors of construction papers in order to put the corresponding colored Lego on it. Engaging and effective learning experiences like this develop essential skills for every child.

The tracing is of much value to the growing little minds, for they practice and gain fine muscle control and strengthen eye-hand motor coordination. By holding pencils they learned how to control writing skills.

In preparing for their first steps in reading as they progress in education, kids revised phonic “S, A, T, I, P, N, C, K, H, R”.

A great day today…


Group Name: Seattles


We had flowers of different colors mixed together. They explored the different colors which were found. The flowers were shared with kids. Each pair had the same color. Kids had to find their corresponding colors with their friends and match together. This was a two-for-one win activity which kids enjoyed so much. It enables them to get familiar with colors as well as tolerate and interact with friends.

Key to friendship!

Make friends and keep them.  When you have a good friend, it makes you happy. You play with your friend too. This was a rich hands-on activity which kids learned about being a friend to someone. An activity like this helps kids to be able to socialize in all settings. Kids as well learned communication skills to improve their speech.

Stability game!

Motor skills are a very important tool for childhood development. As kids grow, they engage in such activities to strengthen their muscles. They were paired in groups and were led to put the ball in a basket. Kids moved as fast as they could to be the winner.

A busy learning day today…


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