Meet My Friend…

Group Name: Skittles. 

Our day started with an amazing circle time with songs, dancing and a pass the ring sensory game. This interactive game set the kids’ minds ready for a fun filled day.

Friendship heart.

Search, find and identify your best friends in the classroom. The kids made a joined heart craft to show their friends how much they love them. Creativity at its best. Well done, little ones!

During the Expressive arts and design hour, the kids made a ‘meet my friend’ craft. They colored them nicely, gave them eyes, nose and ears to them.

Indeed, our friends are our best possessions!

And we are getting our minds set and developing our skills to go to a big school.

Along with all the activities, they revised the phonics, numbers, and colors as well.


Group Name: Pollys.

Little Pollys started their day with a dance.

Dance is a great way to teach focus and coordination. The dance class was full of energy, as the little ones enjoyed the dance moves enormously. Shaking their little hips and hands, moving their legs were exciting. The kids were so involved and it was easy for them to grasp the dance steps easily and quickly. That was an excellent activity for their Physical, Social and Emotional Development.

Coloring number 9!

The kids were eager to color number nine and that was great to develop their cognitive skills. Activities like this improve their pencil control on paper and their fine motor skills get developed.

Friendship necklace!

Little Pollys made an amazing colorful heart shape necklace today.They were given a task to choose favorite colors of hearts and they put it on the magic ribbon.The kids were very happy to give the necklace to their best friends.

Such a great way to develop their imagination skills and creativity.


Group Name: Seattles

I can measure my friend’s height!

Kids followed a particular order to measure their friend’s height following numbers in a sequence. There were excited to paste their faces after they knew their various heights. This was a great activity to help build thinking skills and to help them explore numbers.

Friendship roll!

It was a lovely game played among kids. They rolled the ball to each other based on the number which was called out by the teacher. The kids had lots of fun exercising their muscles and having fun. It was a great way for the revision of numbers.

Friendship art!

Kids were given some flowers to paint for their friends. They had the lovely flowers painted and shared with their friends. This was a great activity for expressing their expressive arts and design skills.

An exciting day today…


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