Flowers of Good Manners

White Fields Nursery wishes ‘The Sharma Twins’ Master Atharva Sharma and Aahana Sharma a very happy and blessed 3rd Birthday.

Group Name: Skittles. 

Learning through play!

Did you know that kids learn a lot through playing? The Skittles were happy to have Elmo right in their classroom and they played with him ‘ Pin ELMO’s nose game ‘. While having blindfolds on, they used their imagination to locate and place his nose in their assumed position. They did so well, but most importantly, they had a lot of fun.

Numeracy class.

The kids did a turtle tracing activity on dotted line numbers which were printed on paper. The kids traced and joined them nicely. This enhanced their numeracy and fine motor skills.

We are the flowers of good manners. We are kind, loving and we work as a team. We also use the magic words like please, thank you, you are welcome and excuse me. The kids made nice, good manners flower sensory box thereafter. A good way to learn about the world they live in.

A day well spent for the Skittles team!

Group Name: Pollys.

Today our lovely Pollys started their day by reviewing phonics.

There are many ways to encourage and help kids to learn about it. Big colorful letters were presented to them in order to refresh their memories about phonics. The little ones had a letter toss game in which they had a ball  thrown to any letter as far as they could. This activity helped to solidify their understanding.

Number towers!

The Little ones learned about numbers by building a number tower. They had numbers pasted on the board and a set of boxes with numbers on them. When they recognize the number, they get the respective number from the board to build a tower.

Early exposure to math and number activities get kids familiar with these skills. Also, additional opportunities to practice these skills will increase their confidence when working with math and number concepts and will lead them to be confident in Math.

Colorful number ten!

During the Numeracy hour, the kids decorated number ten.  This easy sensory play activity is an awesome activity, where the little brains are cognitively put to a task using their hands, and to learn number formations while playing and most importantly developing their fine motor skills.

Our creativity has no ends!

Group Name: Seattles

Basic etiquette!

We start teaching kids good manners as early as we can so that manners become something a child does automatically, whether she is at home or away. Kids learn to say excuse me, take their turns during play as they engaged in partnership plays today. They were led to build with blocks based on the pattern given to them with their various partners. As they do this, it also helps boost their fine motor skills. Social graces are very important for kids as they start getting involved in social gatherings.

We pledge to have good manners!

Kids during this activity had their hand prints on a chart paper with several beautiful colors, telling us they will practice what they learned this week. They will say Thank you! Excuse me! Please! Consistency is important. We will practice this at school and please reinforce the kids at home as well, so that it becomes part of them.

Happy growing!

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