Magic of Magnetism

Group Name: Skittles. 

Always our days in White Fields nursery starts with a great activity!

They started their day with music and dancing to our favorite song move and freeze. Such an amazing way to improve our physical, social and emotional skills.

Always cover your sneeze! Say excuse me!

Skittles today learned a very important aspect of life and that’s covering their sneeze.This vital manner shows a good grooming sign and good behavior. They also made a craft to show their creativity using their fine motor skills.

Magnetic sensory play.

This science experiment was aimed at introducing kids to physics and to teach them how different items react to magnetism. They surely enjoyed the magical experiment and that was great to have a peep into the magic of magnetism.


Making shapes using blocks was also another great activity of learning using our hands. Kids enjoyed putting blocks together to form up shapes. Fantastic job kids!

Group Name: Pollys.

Circle time!

Colors are an easy way to check learning.  As they learn colors, they build good learning connections in their brain.  With colorful balls today, kids were provided with different colors of baskets in order to put the corresponding colored ball inside. Engaging and effective learning experiences like this develop essential skills for every child.

Phonics hour!

Learning by doing is a quick way to retain learning. In that light and to get mastery over phonics, little ones learned the letter “k” in an interesting way. They decorated the letter “k” using colored papers.

What are the good manners that we need to practice?

This question has been on their minds, but today they had an answer to their question with the help of their teacher.Little Pollys discovered that good manners need to develop every day and that they are the key to their bright future.They used their tiny hands to put their classroom rules on the Popsicle sticks and let them grow in our White fields good manners garden.Absolutely, play is crucial for a child`s social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth.Through this activity, they exercised key skills and qualities such as independence, curiosity and creativity. Also, this helped to enhance their fine motor skills and knowing the world skills.What a great sensory play they had today as the kids had a chance to learn more about good manners.

Tossing ball game with music!

The game was so entertaining and active and was good to exercise their little bodies.

A great learning journey today…

Group Name: Seattles

Prompt a “Thank you”!

Kids practiced how to say thank you, as a response to getting something positive from anyone. Consistency will help make good manners a habit for the kids in the coming years. So when we introduce a behavior, we set expectations and use gentle reminders to reinforce them. There are several ways to say thank you. Kids, in order to get acquainted with that, made a thank you card.

Good table manners made easy!

The kids practiced how to use cutleries on the table. Before doing that, they were led to washing their hands. Kids were led to take their seats at the table. They were taught how to sit, how to hold the knife and fork. Lastly, kids had to act like cleaning up their mouths.  Good behavior is good and fun for everyone. Such behaviors should be gently enforced until they become a habit for kids.

Kids revised phonic /a/.

An excellent day practicing life skills…


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