My Reading Garden

Group Name: Skittles. 

We kicked off our day with a number hopping and jumping game.

Kids were happy to express their physical energy jumping over giant numbers displayed on the floor,  hence boosting their Physical, Social and Emotional development.

Science surfers today made an excellent lava lamp using vegetable oil, food color and water. The kids were inquisitive to explore this science experiment with friends and the results were indeed amazing. Great way of invading more in the science world.

Good manners and friendship flower.

They put their minds together and they came up with an amazing flower of good manners which included sharing, loving, being thankful to friends and many others. A good way to learn about the world they live in.

Literacy class.

The teacher introduced phonic /e/ and they traced using their fine motor skills.

Group Name: Pollys.

Little Pollys started their day with some exercises.

They refreshed their minds as they prepared for the activities of the day.

My Reading Garden!

Little ones were crazy designers today. The hands-on experience was great during their Crazy designers hour. Their cognitive skills were put to work while they designed a colorful “Reading Garden”. This sensory activity takes a lot of concentration for the kids, as they had to use their tiny hands and sharp brains to put everything in the right place. Their fine motor skills were boosted to the maximum. Little ones did a great job with the best perfection.


Kids learned about listening, raising their hands before answering the question as a good classroom manner. During their reading time, the little ones sat in a circular form. They enjoyed reading their favorite stories and answering  the questions asked by the teacher. Before answering, they raised up their hands.

Well done little ones!

The kids ended up this sunny day by reviewing the letter “s” and coloring it with their favorite color. They built up their fine motor skills while doing this.

Group Name: Seattles

Take turns and work together!

Acts of kindness!

Seattles of White Fields learned how to model good manners. They were given the opportunity to work together.  The teacher gave a task and each was to finish the task as fast as possible so that the next person can take over. Kids worked in groups. They had colors to match with Lego blocks. Each person had to match up to that of his partner after which they gave an opportunity for the next.

Blooming good manners!

We learn to say; thank you, we say please, we don’t tease!

Good manners bloomed on campus as the kids had a brightly colored garden of good manners made today. Excuse me! I’m sorry! Please! Thank you. This as well will brighten their minds, as well as remain in their memories in every gathering as they grow and interact with their world.

The kids revised letter /s/ by coloring on  their worksheets.

They surely had a fun filled day…

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