Numeracy Sessions

Group Name: Skittles. 

Fine motor skills development.

This is one of the skills that the little ones require for a lifetime on their journey to prepare for big school. Skittles today embarked on a task of learning how to write their names. They used the ancient black slate with colorful chalk, and their practice went on so well.

Numeracy class.

Kids enjoyed an outdoor water sensory play about the five little ducks that went swimming one day with their mom. This fun activity enabled the kids to play with water, practice their counting skills hence boosting their numeracy skills.

Tracing the numbers was an another measure the little ones used.  This enhanced their fine motor skills.

Speaking of Ferrari world, skittles had their very own right here at the nursery.

How amazing it was getting involved in car racing,  competing with our classmates!

They surely had a fun filled day.

Group Name: Pollys.

We enjoyed songs and dance today.

Little ones started their day with some exercises. They refreshed their minds as they prepared for the activities of the day.

Little Pollys were crazy designers today! The hands-on experience was great during Art and craft hour.Their cognitive skills were put to work while they designed straight colorful towers using their favorite marshmallow, cereals and fruit rings.This sensory play takes a lot of concentration for the kids, as they had to use their tiny hands and sharp brains to sort colors that match with the ones presented to them.Their fine motor skills were boosted to the maximum.Little ones did a great job with the best perfection.

Numeracy hour!

The children were happy to trace the numbers on the colorful sand. The purpose of this is to help children to learn to trace the numbers on their own while allowing them to experience this sensory activity.In the long run, this promotes physical, social and cognitive development.

Spray bottle art!

In order to round up with the water theme, the kids had a further enlightenment on what water is all about.All kids love water and it is especially fun when they add color to it. Little Pollys made a marvelous spray bottle art today.They used spray bottles in order to make a colorful piece of art. Their eyes sparkled when they saw the result.They are passionate about art and creativity.This gave them opportunities to enjoy teamwork as well as to take turns in doing activities.

Group Name: Seattles

Water Balloon fun!

Numeral identification!

In order to reinforce and build upon their math skills, a water balloon game was organized for the kids. The water was filled in a balloon, kids sat in a circular form with numbers in the middle. The numbers were placed on the opposite side. As the balloon is passed around, whoever ends with the balloon picks up and number and tells us his/her guess. This was great at promoting numeral identification.


Does water have Taste?

Kids experimented with water today. They were let to know that not everything which looks like water is actually water. Salt, sugar, vinegar and soda were added to water. This didn’t change the color of the water but made the taste different. Kids tasted it and were able to recognize which was water.

Rainbow craft!

In dealing with their fine motor skills, kids were allowed to make a rainbow craft while recognizing the letter /R/ as well. Kids were lead to thread some letters to improve on their phonic skills.

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