‘DIPPY’-The Raindrop

Group Name: Skittles. 

Amazing Skittles started their day with an amazing ring tossing game.  They picked rings of their choices. This was great to develop their physical, social and emotional development. The game was so involving and that was a good start of the day.

Literacy class

Kids were able to learn that phonic   /k/. They learned a pool of words starting with letter /k/.

The teacher introduced a salt sensory table. The kids used their fine motor skills to search and identify phonic /k/words from the table that included words such as king, kangaroo, key and many others. They also traced phonic /k/ for king worksheet.

The kids are always ready to play with water at any time. In the Science Surfers hour, the kids had the Water transfer activity. This sensorial game involved kids in playing with their favorite water and was amazed to see the water transfer from one point to another using plastic cups.

Group Name: Pollys.

Stretch to the music!

Starting a day with dancing, exercises and stretching is the key to having a great day. Little Pollys sparked off their day with dancing exercise. They were very happy to stretch their muscles while jumping and stretching. Great way to develop their muscles and fine motor skills.

Do you know that our planet is a water planet?

It is important to love the planet we inhabit and to take care of the water present. It was an exciting time for them trying to make a wonderful underwater world. They had some fishes, octopuses, starfishes, sharks, turtles, jellyfishes into their underwater world and they know that all of them will be found in the clean water. Teaching kids about this is necessary for the future of our planet.

Respect nature! Save the water!

Numeracy class was about tracing numbers, review, recite and practice our writing skills. It helped to improve on recalling and recognition of numbers, as different numbers were presented to the kids to match according to their corresponding numbers.

The kids had a lovely time during Art and craft hour while they made a marvelous starfish. This was in order to revise that they learned earlier, as well as to improve their knowing the world skills.

Group Name: Seattles

Dippy the rain drop!

Dippy the Raindrop was a great introduction of how wonderful and important is water as a resource. This story was used to teach kids about the water cycle. How Dippy evaporates, Dippy falls in the cloud, after which it bounces and shakes and Dippy ends up falling in a stream and later into a river and the ocean carries it away. As kids listened, they put their creativity to work by putting the parts which were cut out.

Bleeding art!

Kids learned about colors and how they can bleed. Kids were presented with a cup which makes water to be poured out like raindrops. With this, they turned the coffee filters with colors into a bleeding art. They were so amazed to see how water can move colors.

Flash card numbers!

Kids enjoyed learning about numbers with flash cards. They were on the opposite side of the numbers and they listened to their names with so much attention. As their names are called, they quickly picked up their numbers and presented it to the teacher.

Complete and fun-filled, learning day.


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