Water Facts

Group Name: Skittles. 

Water theme.

We love playing and exploring the water.

Skittles had an amazing  Scientific discovery about water and oil.

There is something very important about water and oil that we probably we didn’t know or perhaps we have been missing it all these days. WATER AND OIL repel each other… Well, water is heavier than oil when they are mixed together. The oil floats on top of the water. Good job little science surfers.

During the Bean masters class, the kids had a good learning time counting water drops.Kids simultaneously picked up chart paper water drops with numbers written on them. They cognitively had to recall the sequence of the numbers, and they arrange them in a proper order. This activity boosted their numeracy skills.

They also did a good job tracing numbers one to six in words.What an amazing way to develop their fine motor and numeracy skills!

Their day was even made funnier with our amazing circle time that involved indoor games such as jumping over foot print numbers and also playing in the rain and hiding under an umbrella. They really had a fun filled day.

Group Name: Pollys.

Water theme!

What a great learning adventure for little ones during this time!

Learning about the water offers a lot of great opportunities for hands-on exploration.Water is such a great sensory toy for kids and it encourages imaginative play, eye and hand coordination.

Colorful boats!

Through play, children develop their creative skills as well as imaginative skills. Today they were led to find an appropriate bowl in order to pair it with the color of the boat. They found the correct color after which they had to let their boat float. Through this, they exercised key skills.

Kids also painted the water drops, with blue paint. This was good for their fine motor skills.

During the Literacy hour, the kids traced letter ’i’ for ice cream. Here their little wrists were put to exercise and extra concentration was required for every child as they wanted to perfect their tracing and hence impressing their teacher.

Physical exercises is great for their little muscles.Kids enjoyed floor stretching exercises whilst breathing in and out and stretching their hands simultaneously.

Well done lovely Pollys!

Group Name: Seattles

It’s a new week. The kids begin by revising the phonics which they have been studying. They did this by picking up the right phonic from the floor to hand it over to the teacher as it was called out.

Verbal proficiency!

This was enhanced by animating a story from memory for the kids. Kids listened to a story about the naughty pet and water. As they listened, they learned new phrases and new words. It also improved on their listening as well as imaginative skills.

Water facts!

Water is one of the most important resources in our daily living, so even kids have to be aware. Kids learned about one of the uses of water, which is for washing. They practiced this by washing a few things.

Self-esteem booster!

As kids get involved in arts and craft always, they learn to become independent, confident in whatever thing they are asked to do. Kids were given letter/ r/ and some pieces of crepe paper which they had to use in decorating the letter. Each kid was so focused to make sure he\she uses up all the decorating materials given.


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