Storytelling-An Emergent Literacy Skill

Group Name: Skittles. 

Our day started with a group exercise and Yoga session with all our Whitefields friends.

This was good for the kids” little bodies to develop their physical, social and emotional skills and they were all set to start their fun filled day.

Crazy designers.

They put their cognitive skills to work by designing straight colorful lines using our favorite cereal, fruit ring. This sensorial activity takes a  lot of concentration for the kids, as they had to use their sharp brains to sort colors that match with the ones presented before them. This little skittles did with the best perfection and their fine motor skills were developed. Well done Skittles!

Desert in a Box.

Have you ever seen a little desert in a plastic box? The kids made a beautiful desert today. They put sand, a camel and a palm tree to represent a desert. This hands-on activity was ideal for their little hands as they enjoyed more when they are playing with sand.

Storytime- an emergent literacy skill.

Skittles enjoyed listening to a story titled ‘The spider’s journey’- A journey of a spider to a big sprout. This puppetry like story captured the minds of the little ones and they followed attentively for it had familiar rhythms. Did you know the value of reading stories to little ones? Its boosts vocabulary building, letter recognition, and phonological awareness as well as language and communication skills.

Group Name: Pollys.

What an interesting way to start the day!

The Little ones learned about the unique creatures of the desert. With this their communication and language skills were highly boosted as they tried to explain everything that they saw in the photos.

However, the little Pollys were surprised during Bean Masters hour when the teacher displayed numerous desert cactus, marked with numbers one to eight in order to hang it on the ribbon.This cognitive skill based numeracy activity required the little ones to continuously count this desert plants and to put them where they belong to.Also, it was great to enhance their numeracy and their motor skills.

The kids did an amazing job during Art and craft hour.

Their little minds and tiny hands were super active by making a wonderful desert snake.A lot of circles were presented to them in order to put them together to come up with a green desert animal.That was a superb sensory activity to put their fine motor and expressive arts and design skills to work. Also it was great to develop their understanding the world skills.

Group Name: Seattles

We enjoy Yoga!

Kids began their day with some exercises. They refreshed their minds as they prepared for the activities of the day.

Number collage!

In reviewing number |8|, kids were provided with a collage of numbers; 6, 7, 8. They were then instructed to color number 8.

The hands-on experience was great as kids had to make a fox craft. The fox was printed and given to kids. They were given brown color pencils to make the fox have its actual color. They are now quite aware of some animals they will find when they visit a desert.

In order to round up with the desert theme, the kids had a further enlightenment on what cactus is all about. They were disguised as the cactus itself and they had to run from one end to another with a ball. Activities like this help strengthen their, muscles and fine motor skills.

It has been such a superb week for the little ones.

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