Sensory Cactus Craft

Circle time!

Today our lovely kids started their day by reviewing phonics.

There are many ways to encourage and help kids to learn about it. Big colorful letters were presented to them in order to refresh their memories about phonics. It is easy to play and  the kids  get better with the concept. It helps to solidify their understanding. The kids had a letter toss game in which they had a ball to throw to any letter as far as they could.

Our creativity has no ends!

The kids did a wonderful camel craft today and demonstrated all their arts and crafts abilities. This was aimed to develop their creativity and to have an idea of desert life.

Desert sunset painting!

The desert is the most beautiful one, when the sun sets and they made the most beautiful desert sunset today. During this activity, kids were given the opportunity to show their painting and designing skills. It was a wonderful experience which stimulated their senses. The sparkling eyes and tiny hands were busy making this sunset so amazing. And that was to enhance their eye-hand coordination and concentration. Wonderful learning adventure about desert life. They had a wonderful day full of activities, that stimulated the major areas of learning necessary for child development.

Sensory cactus craft!

The kids created a simple cactus craft today using construction paper and green paint. They cactus shape was cut out using a different color paper and they were allowed to use their fingers to paint it green. This enabled them to learn about colors as well as enjoying the sensory play.

Pattern building!

Children love the thrill of building and can do so for many hours without getting bored. This helps build strong muscles in their hands that can be used for other skills such as learning how to write. In that light, the kids had some patterns placed before them and some Lego blocks were given to them to build according to the pattern.

Kangaroo race was fun as kids were placed between zigzag lines in order to race and be a winner. They had their kangaroo mask on, they were to move as fast as they could to the finishing end without destroying the zigzag line which was created using Lego blocks. This strengthens their muscles and helps in  relaxation of the mind for their numeracy class.

And again, that was another exciting day…..


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