Jack Rabbit Dance

Group Name: Skittles. 

Camel racing!

Skittles started their day with an energetic camel race outdoors. Kids were happy to help their camel friends to run and win a race even if they were told that those camels are slow in nature. It was a great opportunity to learn about desert friends-The camels. That was wonderful to learn about the world.

Desert camel numeracy.

During this activity counting and recognition of numbers was the main emphasis and that is to say,  counting from one up to ten was made easier with camels labeled with numbers.Kids sorted numbers carefully and this enhanced their numeracy skills.

A cactus craft painting activity with a fork was another superb sensory activity to put their fine motor and expressive arts and design skills to work.

The kids were also happy to trace lines to exercise their wrist muscles. Well done kids.

Group Name: Pollys.

Our day started with the Ball tossing game.

This game was good for kids to learn how to identify colors and also their physical, social and emotional skills were boosted.

Lizard craft!

It was nice having them improve their fine motor skills as well as cognitive skills because they put their little brains to work.During expressive arts and design hour, the kids made a cute lizard craft, gave him a tongue, eyes and colorful dots.Here their little hands were put to exercise and extra concentration was required for every child as they wanted to perfect this desert animal.

Reading is a great way to improve their language, communication and imagination skills.Little ones had a good time today when the teacher read the story about desert animals.They had a chance to interact and express their thoughts.

What can we do with a sand?

This question has been on their minds and this mystery has been solved with the help of the teacher.Little Pollys discovered that sand can be used for building.This was done when they used their tiny hands to make sand castles.It was a wonderful sensory play and they learned how to make an amazing sand structures.This helped to develop their fine motor skills as well as knowing the world skills.

Group Name: Seattles

Desert sensory box!

Engaging in sensory activities is one of the favorite activities for kids. It’s a wonderful experience which stimulates their senses. The kids had some sand, some plastic animals as well as tape to make their own little desert with animals inside. They were provided with cactus, snakes, camels and lizards to make out a desert sensory box.

In order to review numbers, kids were provided with categories of desert animal pictures. Those pictures were used to cover some numbers. Kids will pick up any animal, try to call out the name and tell us the number which was below the picture. Kids were given number |8| and plain sheets of paper to paste it on. Before doing so, the number must be called out. Activities like this are meant to strengthen their numerical skills.

Jackrabbit dance!

It was a great exercise as well as a lovely dance for the kids as they enjoyed dancing as jackrabbits after being provided with rabbit ears. They followed the tune of the music. It was not focused on efficiency and value but more of fun, exercise, and fitness for the kids.

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