Desert life theme!!

What an interesting way to start the week!

Learned about the unique habitants of the desert,which is thought to be dry and empty. However, the little ones were surprised during  circle time when the teacher displayed numerous flash cards with wonderful creatures that thrive in the desert, some of which includes the snakes,scorpions,desert fox,lizards and pumas. Plants like cactus and many others are also present in the desert. They were amused to learn about the world in this perceptive.

During our bean master class,kids did informative cactus maths by counting flowers on happy cactus trees.Here they boosted their numeracy,cognitive and fine motor skills.

They further matched number one upto six. This congnitive based numeracy activity required the little ones to continously count different dots and match them to corresponding numbers.good job kids!

Sensory play.
Desert in a zipper bag! Kids did an amazing job puting desert sand in a zipper bag to come up with a desert life craft in a plastic bag. That was great to develop their understanding the world skills.

Their day is never satisfactory without a game. Kids enjoyed crossing hoola hoop obstacles by jumping with friends. Good way to develop their physical social and emotional skills.

A great day today…


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