Butterfly Land

Welcome to the butterfly land lovely kids!

How impressing it was for the kids to be on a pretend trip to the butterfly land with their friends! This was a great activity to boost their knowledge about tiny insects that they can find in every garden as well as to learn about the colorful world they live in.

The little ones were very happy to trace letters on the colorful sand. This activity helped them to learn phonics and it allows them to experience the sensory activity. Also, it promoted physical, social and cognitive development and it was great for exploration and provides endless opportunities for children to play and discover.

During expressive arts and design hour, the kids made a cute butterfly craft and gave them super colorful spots. They were also put under challenge to make a colorful butterfly hat, which was aimed at enhancing their cognitive skills. A good way to enhance their creative skills.

Racing in the garden!

This outdoor activity helped the little ones to strengthen their muscles as well as refresh their minds. Racing and jumping were so exciting to them as they tried to avoid all obstacles on their way. The Little ones learned that good physical skills are developed when they are more active and confident.

Numeracy hour was also very interesting.

The kids traced numbers one to nine. Here their little wrists were put to exercise and extra concentration was required for every child as they wanted to perfect their tracing and hence impressing their teacher, which always comes with a star reward.

Well done kids!

This was an amazing way to end the week….


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