Lego Garden

Group Name: Skittles. 

What do plants need to grow?

This question has been on their minds, but today the mystery has been solved with the help of their teacher. Skittles discovered that plants need fertile soil, water and sunlight to grow. This was done when they made a carrot craft and then later they gave the carrot, some soil mixed with water for it to grow. Great way of learning in a sensorial manner to learn how to do amazing gardening. This helped to develop their fine motor skills and knowing the world skills.

On our beautiful literacy journey.

The kids learned about phonic /n/ vocabulary. They learned that phonic /n/ has a pool of words like nose, necklace, net and much more. This was aimed at improving their language and communication skills which will benefit them all their academic journey through.

They further traced phonic /n/ on paper to emphasize their recognition of jolly phonics and sound. This, in the long run, will boost their literacy skills.

Shapes garden.

The creative skittles showed their expressive art and design skills today. They used Lego blocks to come up with two shapes, a square and a triangle. And then later they imagined to be growing flowers on top of the Lego blocks. This cognitive skills development activity was great to enhance their cognitive skills.

It was an amazing day for the little ones to grow and learn together.

Group Name: Pollys.

Little ones need to be fit for the same reasons adults do – to improve their health and make sure that their bodies can do what they need them to do. It was so much fun for the kids to exercise during the morning time.

It’s time for yummy vegetables!

Kids enjoyed making their favorite vegetables today. They used their tiny hands to put their yummy vegetables on the Popsicle sticks and to give them a very happy face. Absolutely, play is crucial for a child`s social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth. Through this activity, they exercised key skills and qualities such as independence, curiosity, creativity and problem-solving.

Children felt so happy to connect with nature today, while they were planting their vegetables. They were surprised with all those fine sceneries of vegetables in the garden. They also learned about gardening tools, which included watering cans, hoses, and horse pipes. This activity encouraged the kids to learn how to plant seeds in order to develop nature. It was great to learn about it today and this activity provided all kinds of learning opportunities.

Literacy hour!

Kids reviewed phonic “t” today.

They choose their favorite color in order to make the big letter very colorful. Here kids had a chance to cognitively develop their fine motor skills while concentrating on a coloring.

They always look forward to enjoy every single day.

Group Name: Seattles

Reading Garden.

Reading is a great way to improve the language, communication and imagination skills. They had a good time today when the teacher read the story about the garden, while the teacher showed the picture of the plants. They had a chance to interact and express their thoughts.

Vegetable Garden.

Gardening in the younger age is a required skill to create love for nature and healthy living as well. They had a chance to have a pretend play on gardening. They learned how to do gardening with various tools.

Color ball game.

Sorting is an important skill that needs to be developed at the tender age. Color boxes and different color balls were given to the kids. They successfully sorted the balls according to the color.

An active learning day today…

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