Hot Potato with Music


Butterfly garden.
Butterflies are beautiful colorful friends that always amuse kids with their colors.
Skittles had a little imaginary butterfly garden and they pretended to be flying around sniffing on flowers. Great way to learn about the world.

Exploring colors with simple hands on experiment for little ones was fantastic to enjoy the bubbly invention of colors.They mixed vinegar,baking soda  and different colors and the results were superb. What a great way to learn about science

Handprint flower craft was awesome for kids for they showed their expressive arts and design skills as well as developing their fine motor skills. They really enjoy playing with paint.

During the Numeracy class, kids traced numbers one to five, hence developing their numeracy anf fine motor skills.

The arabic and islamic classes were interractive.


Always full of curiosity and eager to explore the world around them, little Pollys started their day.

They were very excited to connect to nature today and to learn more about gardening while they visited beautiful Whitefields nursery garden.
They knew that all the plants were thirsty. So the little ones were happy to give the water to the thirsty plants that were under summer sun. They learned an important fact that they have to water their plants every day.Their language and communication skills were boosted to the maximum as they tried to explain everything what they did.
Great job lovely kids!
Phonics are so cool!
The kids set up an amazing literacy activity by putting different photos on the flowers that will match the letter in the middle. During this activity kids revised letters and their thinking skills were enhanced as they had to solve the mystery which name starts with letters a, c, h…There were sparkles in the little eyes when they saw different colorful flowers.
Great activity to learn more about flowers and the world they live in.
“Racing with flowers” game made their day.Today little ones had an awesome time running with their favorite flowers.
This physical activity boosts motor skills and our kids did a great job.
Thumbs up little Pollys!!
Can we go and meet our plant friends?
Littles Seattles had a visit to the green garden today. They  learned how to water the plant, how to do harvesting and digging the soil. That was a wonderful experience for them to learn the art of planting, that creates a love for nature.Their fine motor skills and their skills about knowing the world were also developed.
Match Leaf Number:
During their Numeracy hour, they were given numbers and the leaves. They matched the right numbers using the leaves accordingly. That was great interesting activity to know the quantity and the respective numbers.
Phonics Hour:
Learning by doing is a quick way to retain learning .In that light and get mastery over Phonics,they learned letter /h/ in an interesting way. They decorated the letter /h/ using colored papers.
Hot potato game with music:
The game was so entertaining and active and was good to exercise their little bodies.
A fantastic nature learning today…


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