Constellation-Star Patterns

White Fields Nursery wishes Baby. Aahna Mouna a very happy and a blessed 3rd Birthday.


Space travelers! Constellation! Astronomy!
On an adventure to discover and explore outer space.
Skittles today were on a move to study about star constellations.
Constellations are useful because they can help one to recognize stars in sky by looking for patterns.
Today we joined sticker stars and chalk to come up with a simple constellation. Future astronauts in the making! What a good way to learn about the world in which the kids live.

Planting my own indoor onions.
Onions are such important vegetable that are good for our health. Kids planted their very own onions today. This sensory like activity was a good way to teach kids,how to do simple and personal gardening even if we have limited space. That was a practical experience to learn Science.

Literacy class.
Kids reviewed phonic /n/ today. They traced lower case /n/ on a big chart paper in groups. Here kids had a chance to cognitively develop their fine motor skills, while concentrating on tracing the right lines,

They also made an arts and craft for phonic /n/ for necktie. Kids showed their expressive arts and design by neatly coloring the neck tie which they later tried on happily.

Indoor action song ,floor exercise was also a good way to develop their bodies physically while having fun with friends.

Stimulating the young brains in the early years is very important for their success in their future education. Learning happens through various ways. And here is another learning day for the kids at White Fields.
Pretend Play is very important for improving their Communication and Language skills. It is always amusing and interesting to the little ones as they show their expressive arts. Today the kids were so happy to pretend as flowers in White Fields little flower garden. They learned about colors and flowers at the same time. Learning by doing is the best learning experience for the kids.
“Find number 9” was their activity for today. During this game, kids learned independent counting and recognition of numbers. Kids were asked to find a number from a beautiful bag, after which they called it out loudly.
What was it?
Numbers… Interesting numeracy activity to recognize numbers…
During Art and craft hour, kids made an amazing colorful flower. A big white flower was presented to the little ones in order to make it colorful. They used their tiny hands and marshmallows to put different colors on it and they did a great job.
The flower garden bowling game was good to enhance Physical, social and emotional development. It was so great to give exercise to the little muscles of our little hands by tracing on flower chart papers. That will help them to have a strong grasp.
Making an erupting flower was great during their Science Surfers class.

“I am a scientist. I can do it all by myself “.
Kids expressed their ‘scientific abilities’ by doing an Flower Volcano explosion during the science hour of today.
Indeed the days at White Fields Nursery are memorable and unforgettable for the kids, because they enjoy learning and grow together.

Who likes to have a peep into our garden?
We observed,we enjoyed and we learned as well.
During the Arts and Crafts hour,the kids were doing an garden art.It was great for them to master their fine motor skills and they learned about the flowers and plants present in the garden.They used carrots and cucumber slice dipped in different colors and  then stamped in the paper. They were so creative to decorate it with the painted leaves.

Numeracy hour was a fantastic one too.They recognised numbers 1- 7. They matched the flowers with number print outs of numbers  1-7.They counted number 7 and painted it. Coloring exercises helps to develop imagination and creative skills.
They made made their own fairy garden during their literacy hour.Kids made a miniature jar garden using small rocks, stones,sand and plants.They had a great time interacting with each other. That was a good opportunity for them to express their thoughts.

A colorful learning day today….

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