Gardening Theme


Gardening theme
Little skittles were happy to connect to nature today, when they made a miniature garden, inside their classroom.
Kids learnt about gardening tools,which include watering can,hoss, and horse pipes.
In this way kids were able to appreciate the world in which they live in.

To learn more about gardening kids visited Whitefields Nursery beautiful garden.
They happily gave water to the thirsty plants that were under summer heat.Well done little skittles.

Numeracy class.
Kids raced through tracing. Here they aimed at proper formation of numbers 1 to 10. Their fine motor skills were progressively developed,and in the long run, they will learn how to write on time.

Outdoor games boost kids Physical, Social and Emotional Development. They always look forward to enjoy every single day. Today kids enjoyed running as fast as they could, while wearing flower masks on their cute faces.


Its Circle time!

They started their day with amazing exercises to brighten our day. Dance, stretch to the music.Starting a day with dancing, exercises and stretching is a key to having a great day. Little Pollys were very happy to stretch their muscles.

Great way to develop their muscles.

Counting cupcakes!

During Numeracy hour little Pollys did a flower Maths today, aligning to their theme of this week “Garden”. They planted a lot of cupcakes flowers while counting them. This was aimed at improving their numeracy skills as well as to make them understand the world they live in. They did a good job counting from one up to ten.

Nothing seems complete without a game for little Pollys. They went ahead and had an indoor racing, a game with colorful flowers.And that was great to enhance their physical development.

Kids had a lovely time coloring some letters on the worksheet.This was in order to revise previous materials as well as improve their literacy skills.

Today during Art and Craft hour the little ones made their own garden. A lot of flowers were presented to them in order to boost their knowledge about this week’s theme.Kids put their hands together and made an amazing colorful flower garden.

Here their fine motor skills were put to great work and they did an awesome job.


Do you know that plants too drink water?

Yes…We saw that today.

Science is so cool!

The kids set up an amazing science experiment by putting celery in the colored water (blue , red , orange and yellow). It really makes transpiration come alive for kids.Celery stick slowly changed its color. An activity that encourage the kids to think like scientists and helps them track the changes. Little Seattles were surprised when the coloured water rose up and the celery stem changed colors.They learned an important fact that they have to water their plants every day.

They visited the flower garden centre. Natures beauty at its best! Look at all those beautiful and colorful little flowers. Kids were surprised with all those fine scenery of flowers in the Garden centre. There were sparkles in the little eyes,when they saw different flowers. Great to learn about them. Give your best smile little flowers! as the kids posed for pictures.

Plants are an important part of nature. It’s great for the children to learn to planting seeds to develop nature….They planted one,two…..Ten seeds. That’s great to count and plant.Let’s watch seeds grow! how?…  Kids always love anything to do with seeds and plants. Not only it is super fun to plant your own seeds and watch them grow, but it provides all kinds of learning opportunities. Planting mongo seeds in a cup teaches children about responsibility as they learn to care for their plants.

Physical activity boosts motor skills. Today they had an awesome time practising their favourite bowling.

A great beginning of the week.

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