Science Surfers-3rd May

On a move to find a huge toothpaste for their zoo friend Mr. Elephant.
Did  you know that science nurtures intellectual curiosity in kids, hence helping them to acquire new ways of asking questions and understanding the world?
Kids were eager to mix a few chemicals to come up with a huge elephant tooth paste. Elephant is big. So he deserves a big tooth paste to keep his teeth healthy.

Indoor golf number game.
Target for the number, aim for one number, shoot the ball inside…
Hurray! You did it!
Kids were super excited to play this game indoors to flex their muscles and also try their fine motor skills.

Numeracy class.
Ice cream maths.
Numeracy  skills enhancing has never been easier than when kids   use their favorite snack Ice Cream scoops in counting. Kids did a great match of counting ice cream scoops put on every cone.

Little Pollys day started with a ball transfer game.
This game was aimed to teach the little ones to work as a team.
The little ones tossed the ball back and forth to their friends lined up in a queue.
Such a great activity to start their day.

Feeding the elephant in the ZOO!
Today they had a surprise in our classroom.
Big Mr. Elephant came to visit them and kids were so excited to give some peanuts to the hungry elephant.
This activity was aimed at teaching kids how to take care of the  animals.
What an awesome way to learn more about the world they live in!
This activity provided children the opportunities they need to catch up and interact with their friends.

Kids also traced phonic “k” for kangaroo to enhance their fine motor skills and literacy skills.

Providing opportunities to write during the school day makes early writing interesting.

Let’s decorate shapes!
This sensory play activity was aimed to teach the  kids the different shapes and it was super fantastic.
Little ones enjoyed  by using their cognitive skills to figure out what shape is on the paper and they used their tiny hands to put some decoration on the border of the shapes.
They used their fine motor skills to perfect this activity.
Well done kids!

There are many ways to encourage and help kids to learn about the numbers.

Kids had a Snake number game during their Bean master hour.
During that game they had a lot of spots on the snakes and they were asked to find the corresponding number that will match with the spots.
Kids were happy to take turns during this activity.
Amazing way to learn more about the numbers.


Animal world!

The kids enjoy learning about the world around us. Kids enjoy the interaction with animals and it is a fun activity where learning comes as a side-affect. They learned about a big word “habitat” and they got to learn about where animals live and what they eat. They were able to differentiate some animals from others and also learned about new animals.

Giraffe skin experiment!

Animals can make children smile, laugh, and create curiosity. Children learned about the colors of the Giraffe by engaging in a science experiment! They had white paper towels, some food coloring and paint brushes. They made the paper towels to be like the skin of a giraffe. It was a great opportunity for entertainment and learning.

Ball skills!

Children get to learn bilateral skills such as hand eye coordination, attention, motor planning and sequencing as they had a particular ring to throw the ball in and also to catch from.

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