Creative Blossoms-4th May

White Fields Nursery wishes Mast. Ghassan Awad a very happy and a blessed 4th Birthday.


Sensory play
Little skittles were happy to trace numbers on colorful sand. The purpose of this is to help children to learn tracing numbers on their own, while allowing them to experience this sensorial activity. This in the long run promotes physical, social and cognitive development.

Kids were also happy to pretend to be stepping into a zoo environment with monkeys running , jumping, stomping around happy trees. This was a super awesome way to learn through playing with friends.

Expressive arts and design, kids made acute monkey craft, gave him eyes, ears, legs and hands to have fun in the zoo.

Crazy designers
Today the kids were put under a challenge to build with colorful cups and Popsicle sticks,They neatly and carefully made patterns that comprised of different shapes, zig zag line on top of plastic cups. This was aimed at enhancing their cognitive skills.


Miniature zoo
We got creative minds in the Seattles class. They made a miniature zoo with Lego blocks. This gave them opportunities to enjoy team work as well as taking turns in doing activities.
Graphic sources in learning!
Kids enjoy learning through graphic sources. When they engage in activities like that, it allows for better grasp of the information. In order to revise numbers today, they had a picture of a zebra with numbers on it. Kids were to select the right stripes based on the numbers in order to make the zebra complete.
Creativity Blossoms!
When kids experiment, think and explore, then their creativity is given a chance to blossom. A toy giraffe was given to kids. A craft made out of construction paper was added to the kids to make out same thing. They put one finger in paints and made dots on the giraffe.
Run as fast as you can!
There was a display of different zoo animals. Kids were given each animal in order to race with. They strengthen their muscles with this activity as well as refresh their minds.

A good learning experience this week…
Have a great weekend!

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