Animal Patch Matching


A pretend trip to the zoo!
How impressing it was for the kids to be  on pretend trip to the zoo with their friends!
Did you know that taking kids to the zoo offers a lot of benefits? Children are naturally inquisitive. They are  always looking out for more ideas, to boost their knowledge. Today they were happy to see a tiger, elephant, giraffe, snake and many others. What an awesome way to learn about the world they live in!

Zoo animals peek a boo board.
This sensory play activity was aimed at teaching kids the different animal prints that nature has given.
Kids enjoyed using their cognitive skills to figure out which print matched with which zoo animal. Well done kids!

During the expressive arts and design hour, kids did a giraffe craft as sovenior for the zoo animals. They gave him eyes,noseand a yellow and brown dotted body to remember his beautiful skin texture.

Kids also traced phonic /i/ for ice cream to enhance their fine motor skills and literacy skills.

Their Arabic and Islamic classes were interactive.


Their day started with Numeracy class.
Kids traced numbers one to nine. They also counted their favorite ZOO animals, traced and colored them after.
They expressed their creative skills and fine motor skills.

Let’s go to the ZOO and see what the animals do…
Little Pollys showed their designing skills today.Their tiny hands were so busy in building a ZOO.
They were so much involved to have a beautiful outcome. So they used Popsicle sticks and play dough to make the place safe and comfortable for their favorite animals.
How fascinating was it to see our ZOO friends in our classroom today!
Good way to learn about the world they live in.

Little ones had a pretend play in the ZOO today.
In order to make the most of this experience, they had a monkey mask on their faces.Kids love pretend play because on that way they learn about the world as a more active place.
Monkey game was super exciting today. They helped the little monkeys to get some bananas.
Kids listened the instructions given by the teacher and they reached their goal.
The little ones were happy to catch a banana which was hanging very high and feed the hungry monkeys.
It was awesome to know more about the world they live in as well as exercising of their little bodies.

Arabic hour was also very interesting today.

Lion craft with macaroni? – Sounds interesting!
Little Pollys used their creative and craft skills to make a lion craft using macaroni. Big whiskers, nose and eyes were given by the little ones.
Great job kids!

Do you find counting interesting?

We use math numbers in almost every daily activity, these concepts are necessary for kids to grasp. By reinforcing this, we used some balls and basket. Kids were led to count the balls according to the corresponding numbers placed in front of them. They found this very interesting as they had stickers for a perfect job done.

Skill building activities!

Kids were instructed on how to run as fast they could, pass all the obstacles in the zoo to get to the hungry elephant to give him some peanuts. Activities like this help kids to improve balance coordination and strength.

Creativity- what a wonderful world!

With this activity it’s not all about a predetermined goal. It’s an open ended activity for kids to design what they can but to look like the structure of the sample given to them. With activities like this, you get to know how creative kids can get. Kids were given the different parts of a tigers face to make it whole.

Animal Patch matching!

Activities like this bring about deep concentration which is calming and deep satisfying for the child.  Kids were given the skin of different animals as well as the toy animals. They were to match the animals according to the skin. It allowed them to demonstrate their knowledge.

A great learning today…

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