Zebra Marbling.

Group: Skittles

Feeding our monkey friends…
How much fun we had!
The little ones were happy to feed the hungry monkeys and play monkey move games with friends . How awesome was it to know more about the world they live in as well as exercising of their physical bodies.

Tracing phonic /i/ on shaving creme.
Messy sensory play at its best.Shaving creme is great for exploration and provides endless opportunities for children to play and discover.

Space travelers today made a wowing galaxy in milky way. They were happy to sprinkle glitters on globe like circle and this eventually  started to shine with glittering stars.
The kids were so happy to see something like stars shining before them. They were also excited to use their fine motor skills to sprinkle the glitters Well done kids!

Zoo animals cage craft was another way of showing their expressive art skills.
Kids colored their animals and later they put them safely in a cage .Good way to learn about the world they live in.

Group: Pollys

Our day started with Gym hour.
Physical activity, whether individual or team-based are great for the little ones as they help build children’s self-esteem, social skills, confidence and motivate them to excel in life.

Children always love to go in the ZOO.
But today instead of going in the real one, they made their own ZOO.
This sensory play was fascinating for them.
They used a paper plate and ribbon to make a perfect cage where they can place their favorite ZOO animals.
Little ones were so excited to put the ribbon in each hole in order to make a cage very safe for the animals.
There  was wonder and amazement on their faces when they saw the result.
Such a great activity for developing their motor skills.

We love Arabic hour!
Today the little ones named ZOO animals on Arabic.
It was a great learning experience!

Kangaroo game was very good for their physical development as they had a baby kangaroo in pouch racing from one end to another trying to avoid all obstacles on their way.
Such a great activity for building their little bodies and muscles.
They learned that good physical skills are developing when they are less fearful and more active.

Kids numeracy skills are developing every day.
Today they were led to do some coloring.
They used their favorite color to make number 9 very colorful.
Creativity at it’s best!

Harness their energy!

Kids love to run and as they run, they learn to make the world a more active place.  They had an activity today to harness their little energy. They disguised as little monkeys and were off to get some bananas from the tree. Yes!! I am a monkey and I got two bananas. What about you? Kids listen to instructions in order to get the tips for success which they got.

Group: Seattles

Play, create and explore!

Kids were given the opportunity to show us their skills in designing. They were directed to build a zoo with Popsicle sticks and a foam board. They were so much involved to have a beautiful outcome.

Zebra Marbling!
They love shaving cream Marbling. It is especially fun when they add colors to it. Kids added black paint to it to give the color of a zebra. It was black and white. Lovely art were made. They are passionate about art and creativity.

They ended the day with revision of letter /H/.


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