Nature Math

Group: Skittles
Can we go to the  Zoo tomorrow?
That’s great… Let’s go…

Zoo animals in a cage sensory play was great today.How fascinating was it to see our zoo friends in a closed area right in our classroom!
Kids were so excited to place the animals in their cages, with their little hands. Good fine motor skill development activity.

Numeracy class.
Kids traced numbers six to ten. This was great for practicing tracing which helps their wrist muscles.
They also did  a snake number craft during their bean masters hour. Here the teachers concentrated on the kids mastering the sequences of numbers one up to ten. Creativity at its best!

Have you ever seen spaghetti lion?
Skittles with their creative arts and craft skills made a lion craft using spaghetti.
They gave him whiskers , eyes  and a nose. Well done kids!

Zoo animals racing outdoor was also a good physical game for the little ones as they had masks on them racing from one end to another.This exercise was good for building their bodies and muscles.

The Arabic class was also interesting.


Circle time!
Today Little Pollys started their day by reviewing the colors.
Colors are an easy way to check learning.
As kids learn colors, they build good learning connections in their brain.
With balls today, kids were provided with different colors on construction papers in order to put the corresponding balls on it.
Engaging and effective learning experience like this develops the essential skills for every child.

Little Pollys were very excited today…
Kids need to have direct experience with the world in order to make sense of and learn about it.
Full of curiosity in the eyes of the little ones they wondered what can they see in tho ZOO?
They were so much involved during Art and Craft hour.Giraffe craft was so much fun and they loved to make it colorful.
This was great activity for their little minds as kids get to think and process instructions being given to them in order to get best results.
Big eyes, long neck and tiny legs made this ZOO animal very special.
In order to make it perfect kids used brown paint to put some dots on this cute animal.This activity stimulated their thinking, communication and language skills as it was great for intellectual development.

The French class was very interesting and informative as kids learned about numbers.

Target golf!
It was great fun as kids moved very carefully trying to imitate  their teacher.They were so excited to have their names called out.
It was educative and fun for kids as they tried to reach the target line as fast as they could and place all the balls in the correct position.
This remains an ideal game for kids with varying skills because everyone gets the chance to play.
It was great to boost their physical development.

Incredible learning opportunities!

Kids had a pretend play in the zoo today. In order to make the most of this experience, they had categories of mask representing animals which they had to disguise with before getting into the zoo. There was wonder and amazement on their faces to see the various toy animals which were found in the zoo. Activities like this enable kids to understand the importance of love, preservation and care for animals.

Snake movement!

Balance is not given, but a learned skill that requires physical and mental effort. Good balance skills come when we are more flexible and less fearful. Kids enjoyed practicing that today as they had a snake pasted on the floor. They had to move on it following its pattern with a ball as fast as they could to drop it where designated to.

Nature Math!

Leopard is one of the zoo animals with so many black spots. Creating a sense of wonder for nature while teaching numbers was fun as a leopard without black spots was drawn and kids were led to choose those black spots with numbers on them in order to give the leopard its natural skin filled with spots. It enabled revision of numbers.

Kids were led to do some coloring. They colored number /6/. Arabic class was great as they learned the names of the various zoo animals in Arabic.

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