Pre-Numeracy Skills

White Fields Nursery wishes Baby. Layan Ansari a very happy and a blessed 4th Birthday.

Group – Skittles

Senses theme!

What a great learning adventure for  the Skittles during this theme!

Learning about the five senses offers a lot of great opportunities for hands-on exploration.

Today they were exploring the sense of smell.It was great sniffing on different items like spices, flowers, cologne and fresh herb leaves. Kids have had an awesome time knowing more about their bodies.

During circle time, the kids had a little boy’s  picture  on the a chart and they helped him find his five senses on his body. Clever little Skittles.

Crazy designers !

Grapes building.

Kids made an awesome 3 dimension building using grapes and sticks.

Well! It was nice having them improve their fine motor skills as well as cognitive skills because they put their little brains to work.

Physical exercises!

Kids enjoyed floor stretching exercises whilst breathing in and out and stretching their hands simultaneously.

This exercise which originated from Asia is commonly known as YOGA. It is believed to help in relaxing the body as a whole.

Ball tossing game was also good for kids to learn how to identify colors and also to their physical, social and emotional skill.


Kids are creative in their small world they live in.
During their Lego hour,kids made their own towers by putting different kind of shapes together and they built an amazing structure.
This was a great and interesting sensory play for the little ones as they enjoyed playing with tangible items.
This activity provided children a wonderful opportunity to learn, interact and stimulate their creativity.

Gingerbread cookie in a jar!
This Bean masters class made them very excited, as the little ones had a jar with numbers and they filled it with gingerbread cookies.
The kids took a cookie with a gingerbread and droped it on the written number following the instructions of the teacher.
This was a good physical interaction play for the advancement of motor skills.
They were so much involved in order not to put the cookie on a different number other than one shown by the teacher.
This activity required a lot of concentration and it helped to improve focus a lot.

During their Phonic class kids traced letter “r”.
They all started by choosing their favorite color.
Their fine motor, literacy, language and communication skills were enhanced.
This was great to practice pencil control on paper.

Identifying the senses and placing it in the right position was a fun game for kids for reviewing the five senses.
Kids reviewed what the nose, eyes, mouth, ears and hands is being used for.
In order to this, pictures of all five senses were given to the kids and they used their tiny hands to find the same sense on the paper.
Here they develop their Science skills  as well as their PSED.

What an awesome week to learn more about five senses.

See It! Hear It! Do It! Touch It!

The use of Multisensory instruction was fun for kids today! The most effective way for children to learn is to engage the visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile pathways to their little brains. This helps them connect ideas and retain information. Kids had their various senses displayed and were led to act one after the other.

What’s that smell?

Kids were further enlightened on the sense of smell. They had some lotion with a beautiful smell as well as some paint to mix with in order to make a flower. Over time, they will recognize certain smells as comforting, yummy, scary, exciting, to help them in their world.

Pre-numeracy the skills!

Through play, children develop their creativity skills as well as imaginative skills. They were led to bawl down some numbers. They tried so hard to get a number down after which they had to call out that number. Through this, they exercised key skills and qualities for daily living.

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