San Fermines Festival

White Fields Nursery wishes Baby. Dania Abu Ghoush a very happy and a blessed 4th Birthday.

Science surfers!
Sound wave experiment!
Come on!
Join us! Let’s explore sound with a spoon and a few glasses filled with water and few empty glasses.
Now let’s experiment the hidden treasures of sound.ding! dong! ding! dong! Listen to the sound.
Here they were using their very important sense of hearing.
They were able to listen to the sound from a guitar, a whistle and a drum as well.

Do you remember the ancient sound transmission game that we adults played whilst growing up?
The skittles were super excited to venture in this timeless science experiment while playing with friends. Good way of learning about the world they live in.

My five senses book.
This was an amazing activity having all the five senses binded in one book.
Kids were happy to use their fine motor skills to color the sense of touch first today.

They were also happy to have the five senses taught to them in Arabic today during their circle time.


What is the fragrance?
A nice smell – Our nose knows!
Today in White fields Nursery the Little Pollys were focusing on sense of smell.
Children learned about the sense of smell using flowers and perfumes.
Out of all  senses, our sense of smell is linked to memory.
Some of the items were placed in the box so that the kids were unable to see what is inside.
They had to use their sense of smell to make discoveries about the items inside.
And guess what?- They were able to guess all the items using their sense of smell!
Little Pollys know that sense of smell tells us about our environment.
This was such a great activity for boosting communication and language skills, as kids tried to explain everything that they smell. Also it was full of engaging activities.
The kids discovered that they use their senses to learn about the world around them.

Little world wanderers traveled around the world today.
They landed in Spain and it was so much fun to learn about this European country.
Little artists painted Spanish flag using red and yellow color and their creativity was at its best.
Great way to have the kids enjoy their early years through expressive arts and design.

Pin the ladybug on the flower!
Such an exciting game for the little ones.
This was a cute game that is always such a hit with the little ones.
Kids really loved tossing the ladybugs on the flowers.
Two big flowers were presented to the kids and their eyes were covered.
Kids took turns trying to toss the ladybugs on the flowers.
They focused and exercised their entire body while playing with friends.
This was good for their Physical, Social and Emotional development.

Group: Seattles

Teachable Moments!

Spanish San Fermines festival!

Every activity is made a teachable moment for the kid. In that light, kids were informed about the Sanfermine festival celebrated in Spain every year.
The theme focuses on Five senses. Kids revised their body parts dwelling on the five senses. Repletion of facts is good as kids thrive on it.

Blind Pasting!

Kids had a blind fold game in which they revised letter /H/. During this hour, kids were blindfolded to paste letter h on the board. After removing the blindfold,the teacher asked each kid  to paste the letter on the board with open eyes and this time they could see how much easier it was to paste that letter on the board.

Gustation time!

It was the sense of taste hour and kids had lots of funny expressions. Kids were led to take turns to determine which was salty or sweet. Here we had sugar and salt. When they tasted the salt they were not even ready to taste the sugar because of its salty taste. After diluted with water, kids tasted the sugar and wanted to keep tasting it.

Patterns and Sorting.

Children are taught how to count using a pattern to sort out some cereals. The worksheet was labeled one to five.  They were to sort out the cereals and place them according to each number. This skill is both fun and important in learning math.

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