International Earth day

International Earth day at White Fields Nursery!

Theme: Environmental and climate literacy.

Our earth should be protected, so that its precious resources can be available to us for many years to come. It is never too early to start teaching children the importance of keeping our planet clean and  learning how to love mother earth at heart, preserve her trees. Just because that they are small children  doesn’t mean that they can’t help to make a difference. After all, little steps can lead to big changes.

With a little guidance and supervision, kids can get creative helping and celebrating the earth. What a great way of knowing the world that they live in.

Kids further visited their White Fields Nursery’s  ‘ Krshi’ garden that they set up in the month of  January, and they showed their commitment to protect and take care of earth by watering plants and, removing the weeds

They loved the earth craft that was done by their little hands as a souvenir to always remember earth at heart. Good to enhance their expressive arts and design skills.

Skittles today learnt about the sense of touch. Mystery boxes were presented before them. They had to  use their sense of touch to make discoveries about the item inside the boxes, some items were soft, hard, squishy and rough.

Kids were also happy to dance, wiggle and jump during their circle time. This was an awesome way to kick off the day with smiles.

We kids at White Fields Nursery promise to preserve the Mother Earth.
Also we come with a message to you all ‘Love Nature and Preserve the Earth’…

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