Star Patterns!

Group Name: Skittles. 

Sensory play!

Today the Little explorers of the Skittles were in a  colorful sand play, using funnels to measure.

Sand is such a great sensory toy for kids as they explore their sense of touch and play and discover the wonderful texture of sand.  Sand play encourages imaginative play, eye, and hand coordination during the activity was observed because they were watching and doing.

Crazy designers made an awesome house with shapes. They put squares, triangles, rectangles and circles to come up with a door, roof and windows. This was an excellent way of developing their fine motor skills.

During the Literacy hour, the kids traced letter ’t’ for tree. Here their little wrists were put to exercise and extra concentration was required for every child as they wanted to perfect their tracing and hence impressing their teacher, which always comes with a star reward. Well done kids!

Kids painted an earth craft, with green for vegetation and blue for water. This was good for their fine motor skills.

The Skittles had a trip to a market during pretend play. They were happy to take turns to go shopping for vegetables in the hot sun. So they took umbrellas with them. Awesome way of getting together with friends.

They also enjoyed ball dodging game. They used their little bodies to run after the ball and some were able to catch it. A good way to exercise their bodies and most importantly to develop physically, socially and emotionally.

Group Name: Pollys.

Good Morning Pollys!

During our circle time, our little explorers learned about our Planet Earth.

Funny Lego game for kids…

Kids enjoyed designing a big robot using Lego blocks.Their tiny hands and little minds were so busy in order to give him big hands and long legs. They tried all they could do to succeed. This was a great way to enhance their communication skills and appreciating the world they live in.

During their literacy class, little Pollys made a craft phonic (h) for house. They used their little hands to stick the roof and the windows on the house. This was great to encourage them in language development.

It was interesting for the kids to listen to the story narrated by the teacher. Listening to stories is a great way to improve their language and communication skills.

Next week holds more discoveries for them…

Group Name: Seattles

Calmness and Relaxation!

Children derive enormous benefits from Yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. It makes them calm and feel relaxed to the start of a great day.

The Science Bit!

Is the water clean? Can you see the solids trapped by the filter?

Preserve the water in the earth. Kids learned about the filtration of water today.Polluted water was presented to the kids to use paper filters to get the solid particles. Clean water is necessary for our daily life. They realized that the little particles that can contaminate water are sometimes invisible for our eyes to see.

Star Facts!

There is a group of stars that form patterns in the night sky. Sometimes they are like pictures. Kids had fun using marshmallows to form star patterns. It was a great motor skill practice for the kids.

Learning to count!

Kids get to start understanding that regardless of which number they use for a starting point, the counting system has a sequence. They used blocks in order to count depending on the number which was presented to them.

What an amazing way to end the week!

A great long weekend everyone…

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