Mesmerizing ‘Magical Galaxy’!

Group Name: Skittles. 

Circle time!

They started with amazing exercises to brighten their day! Kids energetically danced and froze!

They came up with a shapes dice that the kids tossed on the floor and they were asked to recognize the shapes displayed. This was such a great a hit and kids couldn’t get enough of the fun going. These dice were great for working on shapes, with little ones. They decided to start with the basics and they had triangle, square, circle, oval, and diamond dice.

Science surfers! There is always a lot to discover and experiment about Science, in the skittles land of make believe!

They made a mesmerizing, magical galaxy today. Mixing milk with food color and dishwashing detergent and of course glitters as an icing on the galaxy to represent stars in a huge sky.

The painting is of much value to the growing little minds, for they practice and gain fine muscle control and strengthening eye-hand motor coordination. By holding paint brushes and sponge they learned how to control painting skills. The kids learned how to paint shapes using the sponge.

Balloon race was a good outdoor game for the little ones.

Their Arabic class was interactive.

Group Name: Pollys.

Another busy day for our little Pollys…

Let’s warm up and start our day with exercises. The Gym hour was so good today and they had a great workout. This was to improve their physical development.

Can you count all the spots?

During our Bean Masters class, little Pollys had a Number concept activity. Eight circles with spots were presented to the kids, and it made them recall what they have learned in order to count the spots and find the appropriate number. The little ones enjoyed counting and identifying numbers. This was to enhance their Numeracy and logical thinking skills.

Color sorting game…

This was a perfect outdoor activity because children were very active. Everybody got the chance to take colorful balls and run to reach the target line. This was great to encourage them in team work and focus. They actually also developed their physical, social and emotional skills because they played taking turns.

Their World Wanderers adventure was really exciting. Kids were happy to learn about the other culture. This venture helped them to discover Spanish fan. They used their tiny hands in order to make the fan colorful and was very useful. An amazing way to learn more about the beautiful world they live in.

Group Name: Seattles

Combining the fun and creativity of Lego!

Colors are an easy way to check learning. As they learn colors, they build good learning connections in their brain.  With Lego blocks today, kids were provided with different colors of construction papers in order to put the corresponding colored Lego on it. Engaging and effective learning experiences like this develop essential skills for every child.

Play-based learning!

What a great sensory play they had today in order for kids to be more informed about our planet earth. Shaving foam, green and blue food color was provided on some black surface and the simple act of running fingers through the mixture was fun and exciting. Kids found solace as they enjoyed the activity. Every chance was given to each child to have the feelings of success.

What kind of bird is common in Spain?

Spanish imperial eagle!

It has some very short legs and beautiful feathers. Kids had the responsibility of making the bird even more beautiful than it was drawn. This was great for the development of motor skills as they made the art. Motor development happens through learning and practice.

In preparing for their first steps in reading as they progress in education, kids revised phonic “S, A, T, I, P, N, C, K” using disposable cups and spoons.

A great day today…

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