Spanish Music Fiesta!

Group Name: Skittles. 

We are on a World Tour!

World wanderers! On the move to travel around the world.

Little Skittles today landed in Spain, which is located on the continent of Europe with Madrid as her capital city. They were a part of a Spanish music fiesta. It was so much fun and they danced and learned a few Spanish words like “Hola” meaning Hello.A fun way of knowing the world.

They also shared the knowledge of the Spanish people of designing a famous music instrument called”Tambori”… And the  creativity was at its best.

During Numeracy hour, the kids traced numbers on shaving crème.  This easy sensory play activity is an awesome activity, where the little brains are cognitively put to a task using their hands, and to learn number formations while playing and most importantly developing their fine motor skills.

Their outdoor game was about moving around the world with a  ball. Rolling the balls around a big box was a good way of playing and developing their physical, social and emotional skills.

Creative arts and design!

They designed an earth craft, mixing green paint, blue and shaving crème and it was extremely awesome.

Their Islamic class was a blessing to the little ones.

Group Name: Pollys.

Pollys started their day with the amazing dance class.

The kids were extremely happy to dance, wiggle and stretch to dance moves following the teacher. It was so energetic for their little bodies. Great morning activity for their physical development.

During their literacy class, they made a craft  for phonic (t) for turtle.Kids gave him legs and a big head with eyes. The activity was done with so much concentration, and it helped them to improve focus and enhance their attention span. Great way to have the kids enjoy their early years through expressive arts and design.

Little Pollys were full of curiosity and eager to explore the world around them today. The little ones today as they learned about Earth,  were so anxious to mix blue and green color in order to make their Earth beautiful.

This activity made the kids to strengthen their cognitive skills and concentration, and it helped them to understand more about the world they live in. Discovering wonderful things about the Earth could be so much fun.

Our Numeracy class was awesome.

Eight cups with numbers were put on a table and each one should be filled with marshmallows. During this activity, kids revised counting as they counted the marshmallows, while filling the empty cups. This gave an opportunity for each kid to count in front of the whole class. Here their numeracy skills were boosted as well as being confident to speak and count in front others.

Group Name: Seattles

Math and Number Awareness!

Early exposure to math and number activities promotes kids familiar with these skills. Also, additional opportunities to practice these skills will increase their confidence when working with math and number concepts and will lead him to be confident in Math.  Kids learned about numbers by building a number tower. They had numbers pasted on the board and a set of boxes with numbers on them. When they recognize the number, they get the respective number from the board to build a tower.

Preserve and reuse!

Kids were taught about the importance of the materials they have in their daily lives. They were let to know that sorting them and keeping them can be of great advantage to the planet earth. It was a great time to talk with children about the importance of taking care of the Earth, recycling, natural resources, and ways to preserve our planet.

The kids realized that they could use their hand prints in so many ways. Today they had an earth craft made using their hand-print. This was awesome! Their hands were painted blue and green and a circular earth was made for them to paste their hands on it.

Kids enjoyed their Arabic class as they revised number /3/.  In doing that they were given pieces of papers to paste on the worksheets which had number /3/.

An active learning day today…

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