Race In Space!

Group Name: Skittles.

Learning Jolly phonics is a fun and child-centered approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics.The multi-sensory method is very motivating for children and teachers, who can see their students achieve.

Today for the little skittles, their journey was to learn and excel in the nursery, as well as to get ready for a big school. They reviewed phonic /t/ and its vocabulary. They had a big tiger on a big piece of paper and they were identifying phonic /t/ words on it and sticking them on the tiger. Well done dear kids!

During their space travelers’ class, they learned that racing is almost impossible in space. But the clever Skittles came up with an idea to race in outer space. These little astronauts did a good job racing in outer space while holding onto a supporting material. A Good way to develop our PSED and learning more about the world that they live in.

Earth sensory play was super fantastic. The kids enjoyed mixed colors to form up a big globe. This was done using colors blue to represent water bodies and green to represent plantations on earth.They used their fine motor skills to perfect this activity. They further colored the earth neatly.

Dance class was so amazing. The kids learned moves and steps, whilst stretching and dancing to their favorite rhythms. Good physical exercise for their bodies.

The French class awesome and kids reviewed the numbers 1 up to 4.

They also learned a French song.

Group Name: Pollys.

It was great to learn about water pollution today.

An exciting theme for the little ones as they performed everything with their little hands. Two big bowls were filled with water, one was clean and the other one was polluted. Kids used coffee filters to clean polluted water and they learned that a lot of fishes will be found in the clean water and that they will not come near the polluted one.

With the help of the teacher, the little scientists made a great Science experiment which seemed so amazing for them.They had a lot of questions in their little minds.This was a great sensory activity for them as well as it helped to develop their scientific, cognitive and fine motor skills.

The kids were very excited when the teacher told them that our planet Earth keeps smiling if it is preserved and taken good care of by the world, and it becomes sad if it is destroyed by people who dump garbage all around.

Children should be taught how to overcome and find solutions to problems. In this light, we had a Matching shapes game today.A lot of shapes were drawn on the paper. After the demonstration of the teacher, kids were given the opportunity to try it out. They were very much involved in trying to find suitable shapes which will match with the objects.It was such a beautiful experience to watch them put in so much effort in order to have the same solutions as the teacher.

Children learn positive life lessons through play and there is no doubt that they will become honest, reliable adults who will try to protect our Blue planet. Today during their Knowing the world hour, big Earth was presented to the kids in order to make it colorful, and kids were so excited to learn about it. In that light, different colors were given to the little ones to engage in a simple activity of choosing an appropriate one for their artwork.

During this activity, little Pollys were encouraged to express their thoughts as they realized that all oceans should be blue, and all land should be green.

This was a unique activity because it provided an opportunity for children to strengthen their knowledge about the world they live in.

During Arabic class, they learned about the things that they see on earth.

Group Name: Seattles

Shapes solidify their understanding!

Shout out loud the shape you toss!

There are many ways to encourage and help kids to learn about shapes. Because shapes are all around us. It is easy to play and get kids more versed with the concept.it helps solidify their understanding.  Kids had a shape toss game in which they had a ball to throw to any shape as far as they could.

A creative Journey!

It’s a beautiful creative craft journey for kids as they have hands-on activities always, for better mastery. Kids learned about the earth by making an earth craft. Kids had blue paper plates in which they pasted green paper on it for a beautiful earth.

Providing opportunities to write during the school day makes early writing interesting. The manual  act of producing physical marks makes the kids love to hold pencils every day. Kids revised letter /n/ by coloring on the worksheets.

Live Strong!

Gym classes provide kids with physical exercise on a consistent basis. It can also help teach children skills that can help them be active their whole lives. The physical exertion also helps the mind, as children will find they are able to think more clearly and exercise their minds. They ended up in the dance class dancing and having fun.

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