Plant Trees… Save the Earth…

Group Name: Skittles.

Wiggle! Wiggle!

Dance, stretch to the music!

Starting a day with dancing, exercises and stretching is the key to having a great day. Skittles sparked off their day with dancing exercise. They were very happy to stretch their muscles while jumping and stretching. Great way to develop their muscles and fine motor skills.

Counting Stars!

During Bean masters class, Earth Analysists, Skittles did a forestation Maths today, aligning to their theme of this week ‘ Earth’. They planted more trees while counting them. This was aimed at improving their numeracy skills as well as to make them understand the importance of protecting the Planet Earth. They did a good job counting from one up to six, with a slogan “Plant more trees save the earth”.

Do you know the ways to keep Our Mother Earth happy? Out of curiosity, they made a research with their teacher. They know how to keep her happy by recycling, planting trees and preserving water bodies.

They also know what would make Mother Earth Sad. Cutting down trees, wasting the water etc., will make the Earth sad. Kids were shown puppet of happy and sad earth accompanied with a story about the earth, hence learning about knowing the world.

Nothing seems complete without a game for the Little Skittles. They went ahead and had an outdoor racing, a game with happy and sad earth. And that was great to develop their fine motor skills as well.

Numeracy class was about tracing numbers, review, recite and practice our writing skills.

During the Arabic hour, the kids learned what they see on the earth. They enjoyed learning  new words in Arabic.Their Arabic class was awesome.

Group Name: Pollys.

Our circle time started by reviewing numbers and phonics.

Big bowl was filled with water and the kids used their tiny hands to catch one. And guess what? They were able to identify all! It was a gross motor activity in which kids practiced following instructions while playing.

During our Numeracy class kids traced number 8. This helped them to get familiar with the numbers. This was great to develop their Numeracy skills.

Also, their counting and concentration levels were improved because they had to follow small dotted lines on paper.

Today at White fields nursery kids explored outer space. What is Mr. Sun is doing in the sky? Also, while in space today, our little space travelers enjoyed making a puffy space. It was exciting and educative for kids as they used  a cream and color to make nine beautiful puffy planets.

With the help of the teacher, the inquisitive kids mixed all materials together and made an amazing space. They were so excited to see the results.

Hurray! Thumbs up for Pollys!

Group Name: Seattles

Which planet do we inhabit?

It is important to love the planet we inhabit, which is the earth. Conserve and preserve.  Kids were introduced to the planet they live in during their science period by making some coffee filters to be like the earth. They dropped some green and blue food color, then they had water droplets on them. We love the earth!

Respect nature!

Save the water!

Kids learned about water pollution today. It was an exciting time for them trying to make one pond dirty and trying to conserve the other one. They had some fishes into the clean water in order for them to know that the fishes will be found in the clean one and they will run away from the dirty and polluted one. Teaching kids about this preservation are necessary for the future of our planet.

Numeracy hour helped to improve on recalling and recognition of numbers as different numbers were presented to the kids to match according to their corresponding numbers.

Kids had a lovely time coloring some letters on the worksheet. This was in order to revise previous materials as well as improve their literacy skills.

During Arabic hour the Skittles also learned how to make the earth happy.

A bit of play, a bit of dance, a bit of pretend play… Complete and fun filled, learning day.

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