Moon Rocks!

Group Name: Skittles. 

The Little Skittles day started with a ball transfer game. This team building exercise was aimed at teaching the little ones to work as a team. They tossed the ball back and forth to their friends lined up in a  queue. Here their bodies were developed physically and most importantly, they learned that sharing is caring.

Numeracy class was about tracing the number ten in a group. Kids were happy to take turns tracing on a big chart paper. Everyone was ready to learn how to practice writing number ten. With more practice, they will eventually be perfect in writing skills.

Crazy designers!

Building with marshmallow and spaghetti!

Have you ever built that kind of building?

At White fields nursery, the Little skittles showed their architectural skills by building those cute little building with marshmallow and spaghetti. They were so attractive to look at.

What great inventors we are nurturing! So proud of you, little ones! What a great way to know more about the world around them…

As hot as Fire!

Please be careful!

As cold as ice!

Touch with care.

The kids had a remarkable experience learning about the hot and cold concept.Each one of them was happy to try out this concept to boost their knowledge. Amazing way of knowing more about the world that they live in.

Literacy class was about tracing phonic /a/, and this was a review of the first phase of phonics they studied before.

Their outdoor number game was also very interesting as they learned, recognized and recited numbers whilst playing with the ball.

Group Name: Pollys.

Starting the day by exploring the world was great for our Little Pollys.

The kids were very happy to count the numbers on the floor while jumping. It was a good learning activity as kids learned during play.This was during our outdoor activities. Such a great way to improve on our numeracy skills.

Robots with Lego blocks?

It was very interesting because kids were performing with their hands and their minds were left to wonder.This activity promoted creativity and willingness to talk about what they were doing.

Kids did a very good job during Arts and craft class. Very interesting day and night craft aligning to the theme ‘Opposites’, has been done by their tiny hands. Little Pollys know that during the night they can see the big moon and a lot of small stars in the sky. During the day the instead  of the big moon they can see hot yellow Mr. Sun.This activity was aimed to encourage them to freely explore the world they live in.

Knowing the world hour was also very interesting as kids learned about hot and cold. Two big bowls were filled with hot water and ice and little Pollys were able to identify what is hot and what is cold.

This activity was unique as it provided an opportunity for children to strengthen their Science concepts.

It was a fun day today as the little Pollys visited the Gym and exercised their bodies.They really enjoyed as it had their muscles stretched.

Group Name: Seattles

Acting during circle time!

We had children form a circle and then were given instructions using opposites in a game. Children were let  to act out opposites, that involved movements such as “sit-stand,” “laugh-cry,” “forward-backward,” “wake-sleep,” “loud-soft,” “fast-slow” and “happy-sad.” This was a great Motor skill activity.

Moon Rocks!

It was an Exciting day today rounding off with opposites. Kids learned about big and small. During this hour, they made some beautiful moon rocks. Kids were divided into groups and each group was designed for a particular size. Some made big and the others small.

Kids also had toys to sort out. That which was soft and that which was hard. It was like a race for them trying to sort out faster than the others.

Kids were involved in making a garment very dirty. After which they were led to compare with a clean one. They were told not to mess up their clothes ever again.

Understanding the words (opposites) is easier when it is set in a context of an appealing story. In that light kids were told the story of Goldilocks and the three tiny little bears. We demonstrated the meanings of opposites wherever possible.

It was a great and a slight challenge for their cognitive thinking skills to let them know that not everything is the same. Not everything is fast, big, cold etc. there is also slow, small, hot.

What a great way to end the week!

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